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NetBeans IDE 6.9 Beta Now Available for Download!

By: tinu, 22 Apr 2010

The NetBeans team is pleased to announce the availability of NetBeans IDE 6.9 Beta.

NetBeans 6.9 Beta introduces the JavaFX Composer, a visual layout tool for visually building JavaFX GUI applications, similar to the Swing GUI builder for Java SE applications. Additional highlights include OSGi interoperability for NetBeans Platform applications; support for JavaFX SDK 1.3, PHP Zend framework and Ruby on Rails 3.0; as well as improvements to the Java Editor, Java Debugger, and issue tracking, and more. NetBeans 6.9 Beta is available in English, Brazilian Portuguese, Japanese and Simplified Chinese, as well as in several community-translated languages.

Release Highlights:

  • OSGi
    • Develop OSGi bundles with Maven
    • Bundled Felix container and ability to register other containers such as Equinox
  • NetBeans Platform
    • OSGi interoperability: Developing and consuming OSGi bundles in Platform-based applications
    • Felix 2.0.3 OSGi support, experimental Equinox support
  • JavaFX
    • JavaFX Composer for form-like UI components with states and access to various data sources
    • Added and improved editor hints and refactoring
  • Java EE
    • Support for Contexts and Dependency Injection (CDI) (JSR-299)
    • Spring Framework 3.0 support
  • Java
    • Java Debugger: Breakpoint grouping, attach parameter history
    • Support for annotation processors in the editor, configurable in the Project Properties
  • PHP
    • Zend Framework support
    • "Overrides/Implements" and "Is Overridden/Implemented" annotations
  • Ruby
    • Ruby on Rails 3.0 support
  • C/C++
    • "Overrides/Is Overridden" annotations and hyperlink navigation
    • Console type "Internal Terminal"

Learn more about this Beta release.

The final release of NetBeans 6.9 is planned for June 2010. Download Beta today and give us your feedback about it. You can also join discussions about the NetBeans IDE and the NetBeans Platform on our mailing lists and forums. If you blog about NetBeans add your blog to Planet NetBeans. Follow NetBeans on Twitter for updates from the NetBeans team.

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