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Free Webinars: Creating Next Gen Mobile Websites with NetBeans and Netbiscuits

By: rkusterer, 05 Mar 2010

Netbiscuits is the mobile publishing platform that enables eBay and many other major brands for the mobile Web. As a cloud-based software service it allows you to take advantage of its advanced technology to set up your own mobile Web projects and services.

To support mobile web developers using the NetBeans IDE, we created JAM, a plug-in that facilitates coding for Netbiscuits. If you want to learn more about JAM for Netbiscuits please register for our upcoming webinar.

Netbiscuits provides a 30 day free trial. After this period you can upgrade to a free of charge Developer Edition that allows you to set up an unlimited number of mobile websites.

The Netbiscuits platform enables you to create and deliver web content and services easily and efficiently for any mobile device. It allows you to exploit the rich internet capabilities of high-end mobile phones like the iPhone, Android or BlackBerry devices, and also guarantees optimized delivery to the less expensive but highly popular web-enabled mass market feature phones as well.

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