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Coming Soon: Intland's NetBeans ALM Plugin with Support for Mercurial and Git

By: Admin, 14 Oct 2009

A group of open source enthusiasts and Intland Software, a NetBeans strategic partner, continue to develop the NetBeans ALM Plugin, a module that brings Application Lifecycle Management capabilities to the NetBeans Platform and IDE. This module integrates NetBeans with codeBeamer, the Jolt award-winning Application Lifecycle Management Solution, and provides NetBeans users with project management, wiki, document management, defect management, continuous integration, version control and source code analysis in the web and right in the IDE.

In its next release, the module will be updated to support the latest enhancements in codeBeamer version 5.4, most notably its enhanced support for the Distributed Version Control (DVCS) approach. codeBeamer offers first class support for two concrete DVCS implementations: Mercurial, which powers the NetBeans project itself, and Git, which powers the Linux kernel development project. NetBeans with codeBeamer and the NetBeans Mercurial Module or with the NetBeans Git Module, offer a complete team work solution that scales well even to very large distributed projects.

"The future development of this ALM stack will shift more toward cloud computing," say Janos Koppany of Intland. "We plan to move all computation intensive ALM operations, like distributed builds or source code analysis, to the cloud; allowing smarter use of the resources."

"We invite feedback from everyone, and encourage the NetBeans community members to join the project on JavaForge. Let's make the NetBeans - Mercurial - codeBeamer stack a powerful alternative for distributed teams."

The next release of the NetBeans ALM Plugin is scheduled for January 31, 2010.

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