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Add Your Name to the NetBeans Credits.html File!

By: Admin, 28 Jul 2009

Many of you are probably familiar with the NetBeans Beta Testing program: NetCAT. During NetBeans 6.7 development, we implemented another program called NetFIX which currently has 11 community developers. While NetCAT is focused on finding bugs, the goal of NetFIX is to help stabilize NetBeans IDE by contributing bug fixes.

However, that's not all! Starting with NetBeans 6.8, we are introducing the final element of the NetBeans Community Testing trifecta: NetDEV! NetDEV is a program that allows any community member to contribute new features to the standard NetBeans distribution. Although only enhancements in apisupport module are being accepted now, this is just the beginning!

Do you know users/developers who believe that NetBeans is not a true open-source project? Tell them about the NetBeans Community Testing trifecta: NetCAT, NetFIX, and NetDEV and ask them to get involved!

If you are interested in supporting the NetBeans project yourself, don't hesitate to !