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Use JavaFX and NetBeans to Help Make The Jump Happen!

By: Admin, 16 Apr 2009

A strange phenomenon is occurring with increased frequency across the globe. These unexplained events are harbingers of a massive change in mankind's direction. How do we know? Because it's happened before. Another Jump is coming and we need your help. Join the cause at PIE Theory.
—Baron and Hector

Pretty mysterious? Here's the gist:

PIE Theory is a cool new interactive game featuring Baron Rude and Hector Macchiato, two nerds—(Ahem!) Paranomal Investigation Experts (PIEs)—with a theory about how technology develops. According to Baron and Hector's research, strange events have preceded many of history’s greatest developmental leaps in science, technology, and agriculture. They think the next JUMP is around the corner, and they're on a quest to prove it.

Are you game?

The objective is to help Baron and Hector gather evidence to support their theory. The dynamic and wacky duo have created a website at to track strange phenomena and debunk hoaxes. To play along, users must download the "Recruit Toolkit" comprised of JavaFX 1.1 and NetBeans 6.5. Then use the tookit to unlock clues, solve challenges, and help the two Paranormal Investigators make The Jump happen!

Learn more about PIE Theory.

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