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Watch the NetBeans Code Swarm Video!

By: Admin, 14 Apr 2009

Turn on the speakers, pay close attention to the screen and enjoy the NetBeans Code Swarm Video!

Code swarm is a cool organic visualization of a software project's evolution. This video visualizes work done in the NetBeans CVS repository from 1998 to 2008. (The project switched to a Mercurial repository in 2009.)

What will you see? Every time a developer makes a change to code or documentation in the CVS repository, the developer and the changed files are represented as active or moving elements. The video has a color-coded legend that identifies the active file as source code, documentation, test and so on. Inactive files and developers fade away.

Keep your eyes open for the names of contributing community members such as Ian Formanek, Jaroslav Tulach, Jesse Glick, Tim Boudreau, Tor Norbye, Roman Strobl, Patrick Keegan, Petr Jiricka, and many more. If you contributed to the NetBeans code base see if you can spot your name as well!

Watch: NetBeans Code Swarm Video: 10 Years of NetBeans History in 5 Minutes!

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