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JavaFX SDK 1.1 Now Available and in NetBeans IDE 6.5!

By: Admin, 12 Feb 2009

The JavaFX SDK 1.1 brings JavaFX applications to mobile devices! The software development kit now officially supports JavaFX Mobile and includes a Mobile Emulator.

JavaFX builds on top of the Java Micro Edition (ME) platform that already exists in over 2.6 billion mobile devices. Whether you are familiar with Java ME or JavaFX, you will be able to leverage existing knowledge and resources from either platform to create advanced and expressive mobile content.

The NetBeans IDE is the recommended development environment for JavaFX. Use this easy to learn, declarative scripting language to build applications with clean and compelling graphical user interfaces. JavaFX applications run in web browsers, on mobile devices and on desktop PCs.

Download the NetBeans IDE for JavaFX today and experience JavaFX technology in action!

  • Download NetBeans IDE for JavaFX 1.1
  • If NetBeans IDE 6.5 is already installed, add JavaFX 1.1 through the IDE's Update Center. In the IDE, navigate to Tools -> Plugins and select the checkboxes under the JavaFX category.

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