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Help Test Eclipse Project Importer for NetBeans 6.5 Milestone 1

By: Admin, 21 Jul 2008

Due to many requests we've taken the old Eclipse project import from AutoUpdate, and improved it. In NetBeans IDE 6.5 M1 it is now part of standard NB distribution.

If you work in mixed-IDE team and your colleagues are using Eclipse, we would appreciate if you could try to import real life Eclipse projects and provide us with feedback.

  • Was the import was satisfactory?
  • Did you experience any problems?
Preferably just file an issue for component 'ide' and subcomponent 'eclipse project import'. If you are not willing to file an issue you can provide your feedback on nbusers using an obvious subject line.

NB 6.5 M1 Eclipse Project Importer information

One of the main new features is synchronization of changes after the import. NetBeans project created as a result of import keeps a reference to its Eclipse source. Any relevant change in Eclipse project (at the moment only classpath is monitored) is automatically propagated to NetBeans project during project opening or can be explicitly requested via project's popup menu (Synchronize With Eclipse). In the future this may be extended to propagate changes done in NetBeans back to Eclipse.

Some of the other improvements:

  • Eclipse Dynamic Web project can be imported now
  • Eclipse user defined libraries are imported to NetBeans library catalogue
  • Eclipse user defined variables are setup in NetBeans
  • Test source roots are detected
  • Compiler options are imported
  • JDK configuration is imported
  • And many bugfixes
Thank You!

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