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Must-See JavaOne Sessions - Performance, Testing, and Cool Tools

By: Admin, 23 Apr 2008

Only 13 days till JavaOne in San Francisco. Are you curious about what to expect this year? The NetBeans team has already taken a sneak peek at the session catalogue, and every week till the big event we will share our favorite picks with you!

Interested in performance troubleshooting, debugging and testing? Check out these sessions:

  • What's Hot in Java Programming Language Debugging (BOF)
  • VisualVM: Integrated and Extensible Troubleshooting Tool for the Java Platform (BOF)
  • End-to-End Tracing of Ajax/Java Technology-Based Applications, Using dTrace (BOF)
  • Performance Troubleshooting (Lab)
  • Isolating Performance Bottlenecks and Memory Leaks With the NetBeans Profiler (Lab)
  • Java HotSpot VM Trouble Shooting Tools In a Nutshell (Lab)
  • GUI Testing Made Easy
  • Improving Application Performance with Monitoring and Profiling Tools

Interested in cool tools and powerful plugins? Check out these sessions:

  • Mercurial Comes to the NetBeans IDE (BOF)
  • Online Game Development: Project Darkstar (Lab)
  • Extensions with NetBeans (Lab)
  • Developing Grid Applications with Compute Server Technology (Lab)
  • The Maxine Virtual Machine

Find details of all NetBeans-related sessions in the session catalogue.

In the previous weeks we highlighted sessions focusing on Scripting and Mobility and Java EE, Web Applications, Web services. Look forward to next week's featured sessions covering Swing Applications and the NetBeans Platform.

Tip: Did you know that college students attend CommunityOne and JavaOne for free? Learn more...

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