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Must-See JavaOne Sessions - Java EE, Web Applications, Web Services

By: Admin, 15 Apr 2008

Only 21 days till JavaOne in San Francisco. Are you curious about what to expect this year? The NetBeans team has already taken a sneak peek at the session catalogue, and every week till the big event we will share our favorite picks with you!

Interested in Java EE and Web Applications? Check out these sessions:

  • Building Rich Web Applications, Using jMaki (Lab)
  • Adding Convergence of media to your Java EE Application using NetBeans (Lab)
  • Plug Your JavaServer Faces Application into the GlassFish v3 Admin Console (Lab)
  • Develop AJAX Based Portlets With OpenPortal and GWT (Lab)
  • How to Build Ajax-Enabled Web Applications Using Project Woodstock (Lab)
  • Adding performance to your SIP based applications (Lab)
  • Developing (J)Ruby on Rails Applications with the NetBeans IDE (Lab)
  • Java SE 6 and Java EE 6 Platform - The Operating System for Interactive RIAs
  • jMaki- Ajax with Java Technology Made Easier
  • Project Sailfin: Architecture, Applications, and Roadmap
  • Asynchronous Ajax for Revolutionary Web Applications
  • Next-Generation Web User Experience Interoperability with Java EE and Silverlight

Interested in SOA, Web Services, or REST? Check out these sessions:

  • How to Build RESTful Clients with the JavaScript, Ruby, and JavaFX (BOF)
  • Designing and Building a Real-World Service-Oriented Architecture (BOF)
  • Calling SaaS (Software as a Service) Services Made Easy (BOF)
  • Building Secure, Reliable, Transactional SOA Applications Using Open ESB (Lab)
  • Query Continuous Data streams Using OpenESB's Intelligent Event Processor (Lab)
  • Metro: Try Out Simple and Interoperable Web Services (Lab)
  • Building and Consuming SOAP and RESTful Web Services with NetBeans Technology (Lab)
  • Orchestration of Web Services, Using WS-BPEL (Lab)
  • Tying Java Technologies Together the RESTful Way
  • Interoperable Businesss Web Services Using Project Metro and .NET 3.5

Find details of all NetBeans-related sessions in the session catalogue.

Last week we highlighted Scripting and Mobility sessions. Look forward to next week's featured sessions covering performance, testing, and cool tools.

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