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NetBeans Weekly - Now Delivered to Inboxes in Portuguese!

By: Admin, 12 Mar 2008

The NetBeans Weekly Newsletter is now available in a Brazilian-Portuguese edition! And it's a community-driven localization as well!

Credit for the idea goes to developer Henrique Meira, a fan of the English-language NetBeans Weekly who found its content well-written, interesting and fun to read, and thought other Brazilian developers might feel similarly. He contacted NetBeans's Brazilian-Portuguese localization team and requested help with translating the newsletter.

The response was immediateódeveloper Jefferson Prestes signed on to help with translations, and Augusta Marques da Silva, a Sun Language Lead for Portuguese, volunteered to review Prestes's and Meira's work for linguistic correctness. With Globalization Manager Janice Campbell's approval, they contacted the NetBeans Web Team and got the process started.

Published on Mondays, the NetBeans Weekly brings readers the latest news about NetBeans releases, projects and events, and also features tutorials and blog articles written by the NetBeans Team and members of the community.

According to Campbell, the translated newsletter, which targets all Portuguese speakers, marks another crucial step in reaching out to non-English speaking NetBeans users.

"While many developers around the world can read sufficient English to interact with the UI of a software application, they have difficulty digesting more complex information. We feel that by offering information, news, tutorials and documentation in other languages, developers will be more successful in using NetBeans for building applications in their everyday work."

Magno Cavalcante, leader of RioJUG, shares Campbell's view and applauds the translation: "Many developers in Brazil cannot speak or read in English, and a resource such as this for a Java IDE like NetBeans, in Portuguese, is always welcome."

This localization is not only great news for Portuguese-speaking developers, who will now be kept current about NetBeans, but it also paves the way for other language editions! Stay tuned!

Congratulations to NetBeans's Brazilian Community for making this valuable contribution!

NetBeans Weekly Newsletter - Brazilian Portuguese

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