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What Has NetBeans 6.0 Done for You Lately?

By: Admin, 24 Jan 2008

Judging from the steady stream of positive blog entries we've unearthed in the past weeks, the answer to the subject-line would be: Plenty of good things!

Amazing. Blown away. My winner. Cool. Awesome. Wow. Sweet. ...

Developers continue to rave about NetBeans 6.0 IDE features--its support for Ruby and C++, the debugger, the easy installation process and more. NetBeans 6.0 has become the IDE of choice for many, while others are giving serious thoughts to switching.

Our recent favorites:

Greek developer Papo who almost tosses his monitor out the window after multiple Eclipse crashes until NetBeans saves the day. Yay!
Jerry, an admitted IDE-phobe, on a hunt for fault with the NetBeans IDE, but finding none, changes his tune at the end. Phew!
Weiqi Gao's mea culpa after an earlier post that hastily dismissed NetBeans' C++ support. Apology accepted.

If you've downloaded NetBeans 6.0 recently, please blog about your experience with the IDE. Positives and things we could do better. Keep the feedback coming!

More reactions to the NetBeans IDE 6.0

" I am with [NetBeans] today and its AMAZING, yes absolutely AMAZING rails support; It's an IDE like it should have been from day one."
- Derek Perez, My New IDE is NetBeans

"NetBeans 6.0 is a cleaner, slimmer, and more focused IDE than Eclipse."
- Itís Not Rocket Surgery, Right turn aheadÖ

"I tried NetBeans 6.0 and was totally blown away by all the features and everything so neatly implemented."
- Balancing on Rails, Tried Very Hard for Aptana/RadRails

"I just downloaded NetBeans 6.0 for use with Ruby on Rails. My first impression is WOW. :)"
- Tobin Harris, Wow. NetBeans 6.0 for Ruby On Rails

So far, NetBeans is my winner
NetBeans 6.0 is an awesome Ruby on Rails dev environment
NetBeans 6 is cool

More Developers' Switch Stories

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