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Optimize Apps with the DTrace GUI Plug-in!

By: Admin, 06 Nov 2007

DTrace is a comprehensive and powerful tracing tool built into Solaris. With DTrace, developers and administrators can optimize applications for performance and troubleshoot the operating system. The NetBeans DTrace GUI plug-in runs DTrace scripts that can be installed in the NetBeans 5.5/5.5.1/6.0 IDEs and Sun Studio 12 IDE. Highlights of the plug-in include:

    - Easy creation and addition of new scripts to the DTrace GUI
    - Runs D scripts packaged in the DTraceToolKit
    - No knowledge of D language required to use DTrace

Explore your system to understand how it works, track down performance problems across layers of software, or locate the cause of aberrant behavior. Learn more about what DTrace can do for you.

Download the NetBeans DTRace Plugin
Note: The current plug-in runs only on Solaris 10 and 11 systems.

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