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Translate NetBeans 6 into Your Language!

By: Admin, 11 Oct 2007

Are you interested in seeing your favorite IDE, NetBeans 6.0, translated into YOUR LANGUAGE? Then be a part of the Translation Project's localization drive for 6.0!

The Translation Project has over 14 different language teams--Brazilian-Portuguese, Czech, Russian, Japanese, German, Traditional Chinese, Albanian, Indonesian and more--and all are looking for new contributors. (Students are welcome to participate!)

Joining the Translation Project is a chance to mingle with experienced developers, learn the latest technology, and have fun! It's also a way of giving back to the NetBeans community and helping future users of the IDE. You can work on translating, Quality Assurance, or terminology consulting. There's even a cool certificate of participation for successful localizations.

Take the first step by subscribing to and introducing yourself to the community. Sign up today!

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