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Three Plugins You'll Want to Download Now!

By: Admin, 10 Oct 2007

Need a one-stop destination for plugins residing in your NetBeans IDE? How about a way to send and receive NetBeans projects in one swoop? Or perhaps your latest app has failed to excite and sorely needs a boost?

If any of the above fits your predicament then the following three NetBeans plugins might do the trick....

  • People organize coin collections. Why not plugins? The Feature Viewer plugin gives a quick printable overview of all the plugins that have been installed into the NetBeans IDE, together with those available in the Plugin Manager. The Feature Viewer is also useful when reinstalling the NetBeans IDE on another computer--the overview lets you see if both installations contain the same plugins. (More info)

  • The Project Packager plugin allows you to create a zip file of NetBeans projects in one step. If only it could help with packing luggages.... (More info)

  • The Filthy Rich Clients NetBeans plugin delivers all the code samples from Romain Guy and Chet Haase's Filthy Rich Client book--a recommended primer for any developer interested in building graphically rich and exciting applications that'll have users buzzing. (More info.)

Want more cool functionality in your NetBeans IDE? Visit the NetBeans Plugin Portal.

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