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Solaris Express Developer Edition 5/07 Released

By: Admin, 12 Jun 2007

Sun Microsystems releases Solaris Express Developer Edition 5/07, Sun's free OpenSolaris-based distribution targeted at developers running on x86 systems. Major highlights for this release are the inclusion of:

  • New Sun Studio 12 compilers
  • NetBeans 5.5 IDE
  • NetBeans Visual Web Pack 5.5
  • NetBeans Enterprise Pack 5.5
  • NetBeans Profiler 5.5
  • Major enhancements around networking - a new automatic network configuration facility plus broader support for laptop wireless network adapters.

As with the first release of Solaris Express Developer Edition in February, a streamlined installer handles both OS and developer tools installation. Solaris Express Developer Edition is built from the code base that will eventually become the next generation Solaris release and as a leading edge release includes, among other features, a much more up-to-date desktop environment than currently offered by Solaris 10. Starting with an updated GNOME, other enhancements include Firefox, Thunderbird and StarOffice 8.

Unlike Solaris Express Community Edition which is generated every two weeks, Developer Edition is a more thoroughly tested release that is made available quarterly.

Visit the Solaris Express Developer Edition site for more details.

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