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See Sun's Java Development Kit (JDK) Source with the NetBeans IDE

By: Admin, 07 May 2007

Several more pieces of Sun's Java Development Kit (JDK) have been open-sourced and are now available for you to download, browse, and build. The NetBeans team is working closely with the OpenJDK team to provide tight integration between the source code and the NetBeans IDE. The following sources have been organized into NetBeans projects:

  • Javac Compiler
  • Javadoc
  • JConsole
  • JMX
  • Swing
  • AWT & Java2d
  • Jar & Zip
  • J2SE
  • World

You can also can use the test harness called jtreg to test the OpenJDK NetBeans projects. Once jtreg is set up, just right-click a project in the IDE and choose Test Project.

Look for more integration in the future!

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