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Contribute to NetBeans with the NetBeans Community Docs Program

By: Admin, 12 Mar 2007

Last week, we rolled out the NetBeans Community Docs program to make it easier for you to write about NetBeans, whether in the form of tutorials, white papers, FAQs, tips and tricks, blogs or Flash demos.

Using the NetBeans Community Docs Wiki, you can easily contribute content and even request contributions. The Community Docs Wiki not only serves as a place where community members can help or get help, it also recognizes all users who have made an impact on the community by contributing docs.

Afraid your contribution won't qualify? No need to fear. Every contribution helps the community. Don't know what to write about? Just choose a topic from the Wish List. So, what are you waiting for?

If you have any questions about how you can contribute, check out the instructions on the NetBeans Community Docs Wiki or contact the Community Docs Manager: .

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