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YouTube: New Features in NetBeans IDE 8.1

Tip for JavaScript developers! Imagine being able to integrate your browser with your development environment. With a few clicks, learn to install the NetBeans Connector plugin for Chrome and then click in the browser and see where related items are defined back in the editor. Integrated development, from browser to NetBeans, and back again, for free!


Review: “Beginning NetBeans IDE For Java Developers”

The latest NetBeans book, focused on the new NetBeans IDE 8.1 release, covers all its subjects in only 280 pages, specifically for Java developers! No painfully long introductions and debriefings. Instead, it has only the content that actually matters.


Oracle JET: Cross Component Interactivity

The Oracle JET provides a lot of new information this week relating to data visualization components and their interactivity. Need graphs and charts in your JavaScript applications? Give Oracle JET a try!

DukeScript: Dynamic Lazy Loading Templates

The DukeScript blog continues to grow with new information. Read the latest tips and tricks by Anton Epple and Jaroslav Tulach for creating browser-based applications that use Java for the business logic.


NetBeans at Java User Group Cologne

Read about a great time at the Java User Group Cologne, where NetBeans product manager Geertjan Wielenga presented the best and latest features of NetBeans IDE 8.1, followed by Michael Mueller, who talked about Java 8, lambdas, and streams.

YouTube: Play Framework in NetBeans IDE

Pedro Antonio Hidalgo GuzmánPablo, the author of the Pleasure Play Framework plugin for NetBeans IDE, has put together a brand new YouTube channel showing how to use the Play Framework plugin, that's growing by the day.

YouTube: Graal VM Multilanguage Shell

Christian Humer from the VM Research group at Oracle Labs shows off the Graal VM Multilanguage Shell at JavaOne 2015.

Tweet of the Week: @RobTerpilowski

Awesome to see our #JavaFX / #NetBeans RCP application deployed company-wide this morning across more than 1,000 desktops.

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