New Book: "Beginning NetBeans IDE for Java Developers"

Good news: the new Apress book "Beginning NetBeans IDE for Java Developers" has gone to the printer! This ends a cycle that started some months ago, with many in the NetBeans community being involved. Several people from the NetBeans Dream Team, as well as teachers using NetBeans around the world, and some of the subscribers on the NetBeans mailing list. Read all about it here.


September: NetBeans in Oslo

Attend this session at JavaZone in Oslo during 9 and 10 September if you want to quickly kickstart your understanding of the entire JavaScript ecosystem in the space of an hour, with demos done in NetBeans IDE.

October: NetBeans in London

How can you make sure that your next Web application supports not only the desktop browser but also all the other devices and screen sizes? And that it can efficiently talk to the back-end services in a bidirectional way? Find out all the answers at JAX London on 14 October.


NetBeans Session at EeuregJUG, Aachen, Germany

"Geertjan Wielenga, who was inherited by Oracle from Sun and is now working as a product manager inside the NetBeans team, gave us the pleasure visiting the Euregio for the second talk at the EuregJUG that went by the title 'Free Open Source Tools for Maven, HTML5, IoT and Java EE'." Read the full report here by Michael Simons, who runs the EueregJUG.

Tweet of the Week: @jponge

#NetBeans and #Gradle: works out of the box. Beats IntelliJ (buildDir excluded) and Eclipse (generated files).

Adam Bien On-Demand Streaming Training

Can't make it to Munich for Adam Bien's Java EE training sessions? You can now get Adam Bien on-demand in streaming videos. During the videos, Adam builds a "ToDo/Reminders" app, with a special focus on productivity, design and pragmatism, while covering Maven, BCE structure, testing (unit, integration and system-tests), JAX-RS, Bean Validation, JSF, JPA, WebSockets, exception handling, monitoring, CDI, and EJB. All using NetBeans IDE!


Write Once Run Anywhere with DukeScript

For quite some time already, Java has been failing on its “write once, run anywhere” promise. DukeScript would like to change that by enabling a clean separation of view and logic in cross-platform applications. In this article, a simple scenario is used to introduce the basics of DukeScript.

Hello World in Vaadin & DukeScript

On the face of it, Vaadin—and GWT in general—has a lot in common with DukeScript. Both are focused on providing browser-oriented solutions for Java developers and have good integration with IDEs, thanks to their native support for Maven. However, these aspects are really all that they have in common. From the programming model, to how the frameworks process the code, to how applications are deployed, Vaadin and DukeScript are totally different.


YouTube: Chrome Connector Plugin in NetBeans IDE 8.1

NetBeans IDE 8.1, which is currently in Beta, has some awesome enhancements for working with the Chrome browser via the Chrome Connector plugin. In particular, Polymer is supported for the first time via live Shadow DOM visualization and Knockout.js is even further integrated into the development cycle via a new window that shows live Knockout bindings of the currently selected item in the Chrome browser.

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