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Try Out the New NetBeans PHP 7 Features!

Did you know that the next release of NetBeans will have PHP 7 features? The NetBeans PHP team needs your help! Read this article to learn how you can help with the testing the new PHP 7 features, today. Believe us -- everyone is needed and if you're using PHP in any way at all, you can be of great help in providing feedback!


Marius Filip: My five favourite NetBeans features

Continuing a series of articles focusing on NetBeans users and their five favorite NetBeans IDE features, here’s the next part, by Marius Filip, a software engineer in London with a long experience in a wide variety of technologies and programming languages. He programs in Java for work and fun while preferring NetBeans for both. Find out why, here!

Develop in JavaScript, Deploy to iOS

Oracle JET ( is a toolkit providing enterprise JavaScript techniques and components. Many organizations in Oracle use it to create Cloud-oriented applications. Read this new article and learn to use Oracle JET for writing iOS apps!


May 31: NetBeans Day London

Come to a free NetBeans event at Greenwich University, London, and learn about Java EE, AngularJS, Oracle JET, as well as the latest NetBeans IDE features!

June 16: NetBeans Evening Malmo

Interested in Java EE 8 and, in particular, the new MVC framework? Want to hear about Oracle's new JavaScript toolkit, as well as a range of features provided out of the box by NetBeans IDE? Come to this free event in Malmo, Sweden!

August 26: NetBeans Day Athens

In Athens, Greece, attend a free NetBeans event focused on the latest tools and technologies related to NetBeans and its large ecosystem, including WildFly, Java EE, enterprise JavaScript, and much more!


3rd Edition of the NetBeans Community T-Shirt

Periodically, like anything else, the NetBeans community t-shirt gets an update! Today the update is connected with the upcoming NetBeans Day UK, to be held at the University of Greenwich on 31 May (free tickets still available!), where everyone will get a free NetBeans community t-shirt, sponsored by a range of organizations around the world!

Tweet of the Week: @AleksMarcelo

"Two months ago I started to write a book about NetBean Platform development. The book will be in the Q&A format, comments are welcome!"

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