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@netbeans 8.0.2 is great! Git is integrated out of the box, pushes via SFTP for PHP deploy. Runs great on Windows and Mac! #php #software


PHP Unit Testing with Codeception

Junichi Yamamoto has created support for Codeception for NetBeans IDE 8.1. In this blog entry, he tells you in a few words about this new PHP unit testing framework and its support in NetBeans. Thanks, a lot Junichi!

NetBeans Cassandra Integration

Interested in exploring your Cassandra clusters within NetBeans? It's not hard to do, with a new plugin created over the past week. Find out how to get started and quickly find out what's in your Cassandra databases.

NetBeans Task Repository Editor

Did you know you can work with Bugzilla and other bug trackers, directly in NetBeans IDE? Michael Muller shows you how to get started.


How to Install Plugins in NetBeans IDE

Sylwia Dorota Kedzia, from NetBeans partner IDR Solutions, writes: "As a developer at IDR Solutions I spend a lot of my time working with NetBeans IDE and NetBeans PDF Viewer plugin. I thought it might be useful to show you how to install plugins from NetBeans Plugin Portal as well as from the NetBeans IDE itself."


10 Most Popular Adam Bien YouTube Clips

Adam Bien uses NetBeans throughout his many YouTube movies. He's recently announced his top 10 most popular movies, which focus on JAX-RS, DI, Maven, and GlassFish. Watch them all today!


YouTube: Knockout.js

Two-way data binding is the feature that Knockout.js focuses on, making use of "binding contexts", which can be difficult to understand and use. Learn about the new Knockout window in the upcoming release of NetBeans, which helps to work with Knockout.js binding contexts.

YouTube: Crossroads.js

Routing is a common concern for enterprise JavaScript applications. Via a simple sample, learn how to use new tools in the upcoming release of NetBeans for working with Crossroads.js, the enterprise JavaScript routing solution.

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