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NetBeans IDE 8.2: Feature Complete & Schedule

Over the past week, the NetBeans team has communicated to the community, via its mailing lists, that NetBeans IDE 8.2 is now feature complete. That means the final phases of the release will begin, including final bug fixes and testing, as well as interaction with the community in the last stretch to the release.


Monday, June 27: NetBeans Day Brasil 2016

Se você vem à São Paulo para o JavaOne 2016, que tal um evento gratuito para começar bem a semana do maior evento de Java da América Latina? Participe do NetBeans Day e conheça mais sobre as novidades do mundo Java, do NetBeans, e das tecnologias para construir seus softwares de forma mais rápida, produtiva, e com maior qualidade!


Learn Java EE 8 via JPA Modeler

Learn how to generate Java EE 8 applications, using JSR 371 MVC 1.0 and JSR 375 Security API, with the JPA Modeler for NetBeans, by Gaurav Gupta.

Spring Boot and NetBeans IDE

There are several plugins out there for supporting Spring development in NetBeans, but the new plugin by Alessandro Falappa is the most feature complete! Read about its key features and how to get started with it here.

Geospatial Situational Awareness via LuciadRIA in Oracle JET

Luciad provides components that empower organizations to inject real-time Geospatial Situational Awareness into their software. Part of their product offering is LuciadRIA, which offers Geospatial Situational Awareness in the browser. The fluency promised by LuciadRIA in the browser is that of the speed of their offerings for desktop applications. In this article, learn how components provided by LuciadRIA look when they are embedded in an Oracle JET application.

JavaFX makeover for the NetBeans Platform

Hermien Pellissier shares the details of the process of transforming the GUI of an existing NetBeans Platform application from Swing to JavaFX.


Tweet of the Week: @diji_

Damn! NetBeans got awesome while I wasn't looking. Dark look & feel and autocomplete support for AngularJS. Kudos!


Michael Mueller: Java Lambdas und Parallel Streams

Verstehen Sie Lambdas und Streams. Erstellen sie kompakten-prägnanten und lesbaren Code. Parallelisieren Sie Ihre Applikationen mit erstaunlich geringem Aufwand.

Jason Wexbridge & Walter Nyland: NetBeans Platform for Beginners

Get started with modular application development for the Java desktop. Many samples and step-by-step instructions provided.


YouTube: 10 Building Blocks for Enterprise JavaScript

JavaScript in the enterprise? Does that make sense? Watch a quick session from Devoxx UK, with demos in NetBeans.

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