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How to Participate in Apache NetBeans

NetBeans is moving to Apache! Not only will the source code be open to the community -- for the first time, the governance model will, too. With NetBeans being an Apache project, you'll be able to determine its direction, together with other NetBeans community members. Join in, get involved, and learn from NetBeans community members all over the world.


21 April: NetBeans Day Greece

Join the NetBeans community in Greece, at the 2nd NetBeans Day in Greece, including networking opportunities, workshops, discussions, and more, with speakers including Patroklos Papapetrou, Alexius Diakogiannis, Panagiotis Adamopoulos, and Ioannis Kostaras!

25 April: NetBeans Day UK

The University of Greenwich in London is hosting NetBeans Day UK for the 3rd time. For the first time, the focus of the event is workshops, led by developers from Payara and IDR Solutions. Want to get free hands on experience with microservices, Java EE 8, JDK 9 Jigsaw, JavaScript, and more? Join in!

29 April: NetBeans Day India

The Bangalore JUG is hosting NetBeans Day India, with speakers including Tushar Joshi, Gaurav Gupta, Abhideep Chakravarty, and Aatul Palandurkar. Learn about rapid development tools for Java EE, JavaScript, Jigsaw, and more! Networking opportunities and socializing included!


NetBeans IDE 9 Development Builds

Did you know NetBeans IDE 9 development builds can already be used to get started with JDK 9 Jigsaw module development? Get your feet wet with JDK 9 and NetBeans 9, today!

NetBeans Retina Support

“I am glad to announce the NetBeans Platform is almost entirely Retina Ready,” writes Emilian Bold, NetBeans Dream Team member. Join in with his project to assign new icons to NetBeans IDE!


Tweet of the Week: @leobevanda

@netbeans whoever created maven support in #netbeans - give that man a beer! No other IDE works this good with #maven

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