NetBeans Newsletter Publishing Guidelines

This page is intended as a resource for NetBeans Newsletter Editors and Contributors, and contains guidelines on the preparation and distribution of the newsletters. For additional guidance, visit the Newsletter Archives and view previous issues.

Newsletter Schedules

The NetBeans Weekly Newsletter is published on Mondays, latest 6pm CET, with the exception of issues delayed to include information about major product releases scheduled for Mondays PST time. Localised editions are published a day or two after the English issue. Current language editions include Portuguese.

The Edge, the monthly newsletter, is currently defunct.

Content & the Newsletter Tool

The newsletter is prepared and published using the Newsletter Tool. (For login access, please contact the webmaster.)

The editor gathers content by selecting items from the NetBeans site, searching external sites (such as PlanetNetBeans) for NetBeans-related content, and by sending out a content call to a mailing list of contributors on Fridays, with a submission deadline of Monday, 1pm CET.

Contributors can email their items directly to the editor, or alternatively, use the newsletter tool to submit their items and to check the stats of their respective entries. Regular contributors are encouraged to use the tool as it allows them to submit entries at any time. (For login access, please contact the webmaster.)

All submitted content (via the newsletter tool or email) should include a title, a referring link and a detailed summary of no less than two sentences. Images (110 x 110 pixels) are optional. Check recent editions of the Newsletter to see examples of typical entries.

Contributors with "user" rights can submit entries, while editors with "admin" rights can additionally review, edit and approve entries submitted by other users.

If a submitted entry is unclear or contains inadequate information, the editor should/will contact the contributor and ask for more details. The editor may decide not to use all contributed entries for a current issue, and instead reserve them for future ones.

Formatting the Newsletter

The ideal length for the newsletter is 10 - 12 items. The newsletter tool offers categories for entries, of which the following six are the most commonly used:

  • Articles - Stories about the NetBeans IDE, press and reviews, interviews with users and companies developing with the NetBeans IDE and Platform
  • Blogs - Entries that offer useful information about NetBeans such as IDE tips & tricks and work-arounds, project updates, and event review
  • Calendar - NetBeans events, conferences, chats and webinars
  • Community - NetBeans podcasts, stories about community members, community news and more
  • Project News - Product releases, contests, module developments and bug fixes
  • Training - Tutorials and screencasts (sometimes includes blog entries)
Editors should strive to make the entries concise, detailed and typo-free. Humor (clean and audience appropriate, please) is highly welcome! While a newsletter issue is not required to have entries for all six categories, it is recommended that it contain at least two tutorials and two blog entries.


  1. In the newsletter tool, preview the newsletter (HTML version), check for typos and make sure the links work.
  2. Hit the "Publish" button.
  3. Ask the webmasters to approve the issue.
  4. After the webmasters approve it, the issue will be published to the NetBeans site, and delivered to the appropriate mailing list.

Translating the NetBeans Weekly Newsletter

Join other language communities in translating the news items in The NetBeans Weekly News. The NetBeans web team has created a user-friendly tool to help you add news items in your language or translate existing English items. You will then be able to publish it and automatically have it delivered to your NetBeans language mailing list. For information on gaining access to this tool, visit the How to Publish the NetBeans Weekly Newsletter in Your Language web page.

External Contributions

To submit content for the newsletter, please send an email to: .

Have suggestions or changes for this page? Please contact the webmaster.

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