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Oracle Proposes NetBeans As Apache Incubator Project

Oracle is opening up the NetBeans governance model so you can participate more easily, while making a team of NetBeans developers from Oracle available to participate. Join in!


Keep NetBeans Nimble with Maven Remote Search

Read about a free NetBeans module that disables wasteful index downloads in favor of remote searches!


NetBeans on Facebook!

Did you know? Every day, more or less, you get new news and tips about NetBwans on Facebook? Check it out!

Michael Müller: NetBeans Day Cologne

"Nowadays more and more Java developers have to program JavaScript too and it was amazing to observe NetBeans interacting with the browser." Read all about NetBeans Day Cologne by Michael Mueler.

Michael Simons: NetBeans Day Cologne

"At the 1st NetBeans Day Cologne, I gave a talk about why I think that the combination of NetBeans, Maven and Spring Boot is more fun together." Michael Simons shares info about NetBeans Day in Cologne!


JavaOne 2016 NetBeans Day Is Gonna Rock

One of the best components of JavaOne is NetBeans Community Day, which focuses on what continues to be one of the industry's favorite open source IDEs. Read all about it and sign up to these sessions!

NetBeans at JavaOne 2016 Conference

Join members of the NetBeans team, Java Champions, NetBeans Dream Team members, Java User Group Leaders and fellow NetBeans community members at JavaOne 2016!



|The ability to run or debug a single Groovy test from the IDE has now been merged into the main and main-silver Hg repositories for the NetBeans IDE," reports US-based Wade Chandler!

NetBeans Platform: Create an Action Invoked by Macro

Benno Markiewicz from Leipzig, Germany, introduces you to @EditorActionRegistration!

DukeScript: SnapSVG for Java

SnapSVG is a very decent JavaScript library for rendering and animations, reports Toni Epple, from Munich, Germany. With great delight the DukeScript project announces immediate availability of the library for all Java users!

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