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NetBeans Day Netherlands 2016

Free event! Kicking off a series of NetBeans Days around the world, NetBeans Day Netherlands, sponsored by Oracle, Blue4IT, and PiDome, will have Adam Bien doing a keynote on microservices, followed by a range of interesting workshops throughout the day. Sign up for free.


Darcula LAF for NetBeans IDE

A wonderful new NetBeans plugin has been published this week. It provides a NetBeans Look And Feel integrating the Darcula theme from IntelliJ IDEA. Try it out and give your development environment a fresh new look.


NetBeans for PHP: New Brace Matching Features

NetBeans PHP user Junichi Yamamoto reports on a new feature he's contributed, providing new brace matching features, he has also contributed several plugins, such as support for the CakePHP framework. Thanks, Junichi!

NetBeans on Tablets: Facility Management Application

Find out about an application that runs on tablets, created on the NetBeans Platform, to provide an architecture, modularity, window system, and more,

NetBeans for Java EE: Interview by Adam Bien

"The tools I use are very mainstream: Maven, GIT, JMeter. I like to work with the Netbeans IDE. And for application servers, the projects I have been working on make use of Payara, GlassFish, and WildFly." Read Adam Bien's interview with Geoff Hayward from ReStart Consulting.


YouTube: Debugging HTML5/JavaScript Applications

NetBeans has silently converted to a top notch HTML5/JavaScript IDE. Live debugging in Chrome, responsive previews, live CSS and DOM Inspectors make web development an immersive experience. Join this session with Toni Epple on YouTube to learn how NetBeans can simplify your life as a developer.


Beginning NetBeans IDE for Java Developers

"Geertjan Wielenga has put together a largely release-independent book, though the numerous illustrations throughout the book are of NetBeans 8.1." Read Michael Mueller's book review on the latest NetBeans book, published in August 2015.

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