Truly Unleashing the Power of Maven and Java EE

When looking at all the available tools that relate to Maven and Java EE, it can be seen that NetBeans IDE, in particular, has been created to be both “Maven centric” and “Java EE centric”. What that means is that NetBeans IDE does not simply “support Maven” and “support Java EE”. No, instead, NetBeans IDE has been developed over many years around the ideas and architectures that the authors of Maven and Java EE have always had in mind for you to use.


Using jQuery to Enhance the Appearance and Usability of a Web Page

In this tutorial, you learn how to get started using jQuery in NetBeans, and take advantage of the IDE when working in any front-end project involving HTML, CSS, and JavaScript files. Primarily, you'll be shown how to invoke code completion on functions, and use the integrated API support.

Creating a Database Driven Application with NetBeans PHP IDE

In this multi-part tutorial, you use the PHP tools in NetBeans IDE to create and run a simple web application. The example shows how to create a wish list. After you create and deploy the application, it enables you to share information on wish lists with your friends, such as lists for wedding, birthday, or holiday gifts.


Tweet of the Week: @EdiVaserman

#NetBeans, I like it - has a small memory footprint & does important updates fast, #JavaEE #WebProgramming #angularjs.


NetBeans and Remote Deployment for WebLogic

A quick blog entry by a NetBeans user who is happy that NetBeans IDE 8.1 will have support for deployment to remote WebLogic Server instances.

NetBeans and JMeter

A new blog entry helping you to set up JMeter in Maven projects in NetBeans IDE.

NetBeans and Arquillian

Arquillian is JUnit for Java EE applications, plus more, focused on integration testing. Get started with it in NetBeans via this new blog entry.

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