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NetBeans IDE 8.0.2 Now Available for Download

The NetBeans Team has released NetBeans IDE 8.0.2, which is a bug fix release.


JRebel 6 with NetBeans IDE

NetBeans partner ZeroTurnaround has updated its plugin for NetBeans, which is now bundled with JRebel 6.0.1 Legacy Agent and Regular Agent, and an improved JRebel Activation UI.

Jelastic 2.5 with NetBeans IDE

NetBeans partner Jelastic has updated it plugin for NetBeans, which now supports Jelastic 2.5, with small bug fixes and support for UTF-16 logs.


Karsten Sitterberg: My Five Favorite NetBeans IDE Features!

Versatility, performance, open source, and more! Karsten Sitterberg explains why NetBeans IDE is a great development tool.

NetBeans IDE Workshop at Hanze University of Applied Sciences

Either in person or via Skype, NetBeans community members are available to offer everyone at educational institutions a workshop on NetBeans IDE. Recently, such a workshop was held at Hanzehogeschool, a technical university Groningen, in the Netherlands. Read the report here.

Tweet of the Week: @josephs95

Working with NetBeans on @Ubuntu is awesome!


YouTube: Top 7 Reasons to Consider Using NetBeans IDE

There are many reasons why it makes sense to use NetBeans IDE for your software development work. But, of those many reasons, what are the top reasons? Here they are, the top 7 reasons, explained together with demos and slides!

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