How to deploy, debug and profile Java on the Raspberry Pi

James Gosling: "After having spoken about the ‘Internet of Things’ for decades, I’m thrilled by the extent to which, for ordinary developers, this has been exploding beyond cell phones. NetBeans embedded support makes this development painless, fluid, and fast-paced. Being able to debug a running robot, at sea – or wherever your robot goes – from a thousand miles away, is truly life-altering."

Gradle for NetBeans Module Development

Good news -- if you're a developer of NetBeans modules, e.g., to extend NetBeans IDE or to develop your own applications on the NetBeans Platform: you now have a choice between using Ant, Maven, and Gradle as your build system. Gradleware engineers have been working on Gradle/NetBeans support, now also for NetBeans module developers.

Maven, NetBeans IDE, and Magnolia CMS

Does your organization have its own Maven repository? If so, integrating it into NetBeans IDE is very easy. In a brand new article by the Magnolia CMS team, learn how to click through a few dialogs to quickly work with your organization's own Maven artifacts.


IDR Solutions Celebrates 15 Years of NetBeans

NetBeans partner IDR Solutions announces its 15 years of existence, with Java, PDF, HTML5 and NetBeans.

Aspose and NetBeans

NetBeans partner Aspose announces their updated NetBeans plugin for Aspose Project Wizard 2.3, which now integrates examples of Aspose.Words for Java.


NetBeans IDE 8 Cookbook

David Salter, co-author of the newly updated NetBeans IDE Cookbook, walks you through its key features and discusses what you stand to gain from getting hold of this book.


2 December: NetBeans in Munich

The NetBeans Dream Team invites you to a free NetBeans Day in Munich, Germany, hosted by Oracle Germany!

6 December: NetBeans in Istanbul

NetBeans sessions will be held by Mark Stephens, Dorine Flies, and Geertjan Wielenga at DevFest in Istanbul, Turkey.


Perl in NetBeans IDE

Does NetBeans support Perl? Yes it does! In fact, "PerlOnNetBeans" is now the featured plugin for several weeks in the NetBeans Plugin Portal.


Tweet of the Week: @Buck__Mild

Every little feature and shortcut I stumble upon in @netbeans makes me love it more!

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