NetBeans Newsletter in Chinese

Meet Liang Ding, the co-ordinator of the team of volunteers who work to translate the NetBeans newsletter every week. Do you want to help translate the newsletter into your favorite language? Write to netbeans dot webmaster at gmail dot com.

MIT Researcher's Favorite NetBeans Features

Eirik Bakke from MIT in Boston likes Maven, the Java editor, and many other features in NetBeans IDE, as explained in this new article.

NetBeans Community Tweet: @mortenbergset

@netbeans #PHP tip: above function/method, add /** and press enter-key, you get documentation comment suggestion that you can tweak :-)


Raspberry Pi & NetBeans

Hinkmond Wong, a consulting member of technical staff at Oracle, highlights the ease with which you can program on the Raspberry Pi with NetBeans.

Java EE and NetBeans

Very quickly learn step-by-step how to write, deploy and run a very simple Java EE application using GlassFish 4 and NetBeans.


Interview: "Web Development with Java and JSF"

A new book on Java EE and NetBeans IDE is being written on Meet the author, Michael Müller, and find out what the book is all about!


Video: Your First Java Program with NetBeans

Hank Stalica from the California State University very quickly gets you up and running with NetBeans IDE.

Video: Your NetBeans First RCP Application

How to create your first NetBeans Platform application. In this 30 minute session, get started with the NetBeans rich-client platform!

Video: Debug PHP with XDebug and NetBeans IDE

Get started debugging PHP with Vipin Mathews.

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