Pre-Order: NetBeans IDE 8 Cookbook

Get the most out of NetBeans 8 and boost your Java productivity with tips and techniques in this upcoming "recipe guide".


Video: A Little REST with JAX-RS 2.0 and Java EE 7

Adam Bien demonstrates a better approach to creating RESTful Web applications with Java EE 7, and highlights new JAX-RS 2.0 features.

Video: NetBeans Web Development Secrets

A 7-minute video treat for web developers: Discover 14 hidden NetBeans features that will make your HTML5 work a breeze.

Video: Connectivity in NetBeans and MySQL

A basic guide to connecting to a MySQL database using NetBeans.

Getting Started with Amazon Web Services in NetBeans IDE

A multi-part series exploring how to connect to Amazon Web Services using NetBeans. See also: Integrating Amazon S3 in Java via NetBeans IDE and Integrating Amazon EC2 in Java via NetBeans IDE .


Anahata: Our Five Favorite NetBeans IDE Features

Members of the development team at Anahata IT, an Australian Software Development company, list the features that make working with the NetBeans IDE a pleasure.

8 Great Java 8 Features No One's Talking about

A look at new APIs in Java 8 that improve the platform and deserve more attention.


NetBeans Community Tweets: @javajuneau

Kudos to #Oracle & the #NetBeans team for making it so easy to work w the Raspberry Pi & #Java ME Embedded 8…works seamlessly.

NetBeans Community Tweets: @BonessDev

@netbeans IDE makes our dev life much easier, it truly is the faster way to code.


Last Word: Java EE and HTML5 Enterprise Application Development

"If you want to be a great internet application conqueror, take this book in your hand!""

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