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Nette Testing Support in NetBeans 8.0

Nette Tester, a PHP testing framework, is new in NetBeans 8.0. Try out the feature in 8.0 Beta or in the daily builds.

Vote for the 21st NetBeans Governance Board!

The NetBeans Governance Board election kicks off with a group of fantastic community nominees who now need your vote. The voting period runs through midnight, Monday, February 17th in the last time zone.


Video: Java ME 8 EA Support in NetBeans IDE

This screencast demonstrates how to activate and register the Java ME 8 SDK in NetBeans, and then create and run a Java ME 8 Embedded project.

All New! Online User Guide for NetBeans IDE

An online treasure trove of everything you need to know about using the NetBeans IDE to develop applications!

Writing a JavaFX PDF Viewer Plugin for NetBeans (Part 8)

The latest installment in Mark Stephens' multi-part tutorial about how to create a NetBeans plugin.


Lou Dasaro: My Five Favorite NetBeans IDE Features!

Find out which five features in NetBeans appeals to the lead organizer of the Chicago JavaFX User Group.

How Big Data Will Change the Way You Code

What does Big Data mean for Java developers? The latest issue of Java Magazine takes a look at the trend.


NetBeans Platform Training in Germany (April 14-16)

Join Geertjan Wielenga (Oracle) and Toni Epple (Eppleton) for a two-day NetBeans Platform training in Leipzig, Germany. The training blends theory and practice--you learn the fundamentals behind the NetBeans API and then start to develop applications. Register today. Training is FREE for students.

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