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Help Us Stabilize NetBeans IDE 8.0 - Join NetCAT 8.0!

image Do you enjoy playing with software and hunting for defects? If you are an experienced NetBeans IDE user and you have a few hours per week from January 2014 through March 2014, you can join other community volunteers in the NetCAT 8.0 program. Get your NetBeans bug(s) fixed and make friends along the way!


NetBeans Plugin: Sencha Cmd

The NetBeans Sencha Cmd plugin makes it easy to execute Sencha Cmd on a project. If you're developing using either Sencha Ext JS or Sencha Touch... this plugin is for you!


To Execution Profile or to Memory Profile? That is the question!

Profilers work by either sampling top of stack or instrumenting the code with probes, or a combination of both. These techniques are very good at finding computations that happen frequently or take a long time. Let Kirk guide you through the details with VisualVM!

Dealing with Data with JavaFX Visuals

So you need to build a visualization of data that must loaded and interface dynamically. Good looks are important so you chose JavaFX but you are starting from an existing Swing based application. No problem right? But what if you have a lot of data to load into your Scene? How do you maintain a positive User Experience?

My Five Favorite NetBeans IDE Features!

A new series of articles has started on NetBeans Zone -- NetBeans users from all over the world are sharing their 5 favorite NetBeans IDE features. What are yours? Publish them in your blog or tweet about them!

Top 5 Java Refactoring Tools in NetBeans IDE

From South Africa, Hermien Pellissier reports on her favorite Java refactoring features in NetBeans IDE!


NetBeans Community Tweets: @YAAK

Awesome ! @netbeans 7.4 supports #SASS and #LESS. you can even configure compile on save!

NetBeans Community Tweets: @imthepitts

Sure, Sublime is beautiful, but NetBeans' productivity is undeniable for #AngularJS.

NetBeans Community Tweets: @sem0597

Looking for a junior level Java developer, preferably someone who knows the NetBeans Platform.

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