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Help to Test Java 8

The JDK team is looking for testers for early builds of Java 8. Find out how you can help to make Java better for millions of developers and billions of users.


NetBeans IDE for Groovy Purists

You simply want to write Groovy scripts--to compile, debug, and run them. You have no interest in Java, or even Grails for that matter. The NetBeans IDE can help.

Quorum 2.0 - Designing a Human Friendly Programming Language

Quorum is a general purpose programming language that is easy to understand and to use. Project lead Andreas Stefik discusses the recent update release of Quorum 2.0 and the process behind designing an intuitive, user-friendly language.

Java Magazine July-August 2013 Edition

Java Magazine looks at Java and performance with a cover story about how Twitter migrated its core infrastructure to the Java Virtual Machine.


Emulating 12C Devices with Java ME Embedded 3.3

image Tom McGinn shows you how to create an emulated inter-integrated circuit (I2C) device using the Oracle Java ME SDK 3.3 Custom Device Editor and the Embedded Support API.


Tech Tip: Adding A Custom License to NetBeans IDE

John Yeary finds a feature in NetBeans 7.4 Beta that allows developers to add license headers to projects and to easily switch licenses.

Tech Tip: NetBeans Integration with TomEE

"TomEE is Tomcat on steroids."
Adam Bien outlines the steps to integrating TomEE with NetBeans IDE.

Tech Tip: Changing a File Extension in NetBeans

Michel Graciano shares a discovery: An easy way to make changes to file extensions in the NetBeans IDE.


2013 Java Theme Community Challenge - Win a FULL PASS to JavaOne

There's an all-access pass waiting for the lucky person who comes up with a wacky, geeky, funny slogan about Java for the community keynote at JavaOne 2013. Unleash your inner comedian!

RebelLabs Developer Productivity Report 2013

The team at Zero Turnaround is running its annual developer productivity report. Chime in and let them know what tools and practices keep you coding optimally.

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