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NetBeans IDE 7.3: Power Tools for HTML5 & JavaScript

From NetBeans IDE 7.3 onwards, released earlier this year, new features have been introduced to enhance the development experience for HTML5/JavaScript/CSS3 Web applications. In this article, an overview is provided of all the new features encompassing the new tools for HTML5 and JavaScript developers.

Plugin: Golo Editor

Golo is a lightweight dynamic language for the JVM. David Festal's Golo plugin for NetBeans is now available in the Plugin Manager, as reported by the Golo community.


Military Chemical & Biological Modeling Software

The NetBeans Platform is used to model chemical and biological scenarios in military shelters, as explained in detail in a new article.

PrimeFaces Crud Generator with NetBeans IE

The PrimeFaces blog reports on how NetBeans already has a good level of support for JSF enabled CRUD generation out of the box. Kay Wrobel, a PrimeFaces community member, has extended this support to provide a CRUD generator to unleash the full potential of NetBeans IDE and PrimeFaces.

How to Use NetBeans to Write Groovy Scripts

In this post, you learn how to develop applications using NetBeans IDE and Portofino 4.

JavaFX Scene Builder with NetBeans IDE

Learn how to download and install NetBeans IDE, use it to create a new JavaFX FXML project, start Scene Builder from within the IDE, and run Scene Builder sample applications.

Nette Framework with Latte Templates

A new planned NetBeans feature is support for Nette Framework with Latte Templates, a popular set of tools for PHP web development. Read about it in the latest entry in the NetBeans PHP blog.


New Open Source Project: MFX

The modular JavaFX (MFX) project provides solutions for NetBeans Platform developers who want to replace Swing components, such as the menu bar and tool bar, with JavaFX equivalents.

New Open Source Project: EPUB Open Toolbox

For authors and publishers working with EPUB, a modular Java based EPUB editor would be very useful. The EPUB Open Toolbox aims to provide an editing and management tool for EPUB packages.


Creating a Database Driven Application With NetBeans IDE PHP Editor

In this tutorial, you use the PHP tools in NetBeans IDE to create and run a simple web application. The example shows how to create a wish list. After you create and deploy the application, it enables you to share information on wish lists with your friends, such as lists for wedding.

Video: Java ME Embedded 3.3 on the Keil Board

This video will show you all the steps you need to follow to develop your first applications using Java ME Embedded 3.3 on the Keil board.

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