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Download NetBeans IDE 7.3 Release Candidate 2!

image NetBeans IDE 7.3 RC is available. Several serious issues and performance problems have been fixed over the past weeks, so if you have been using an older build of NetBeans IDE 7.3, please install NetBeans IDE 7.3 RC 2 and benefit from (and blog/twitter about!) the improved stability and speed.

Plugin: Zen Coding

Provides support for HTML/CSS Zen Coding in NetBeans IDE. CSS abbreviations are expanded also in SCSS, LessCSS, and SASS files.


NetBeans Poll: Your Technology Usage

Android, AspectJ, Gradle, Objective C, Python, Scala, and UML. Which of these do you work with most frequently? Let the NetBeans Team know via the latest community poll!

Tweet of the Week: @andypanix

"The new support for HTML5 projects in NetBeans 7.3 is really cool!"


Interview: Developing Java Apps for iOS with Codename One

An interview by Adam Bien with Chen Fishbein, about developing in Java, and deploying on iPhone, Android, and Windows Phone.

Interview: Coding on Crete with Heinz Kabutz

Heinz Kabutz, Java performance specialist, is interviewed by Janice Heiss. He shares his insights on Java and reflects on his life as a developer and Java trainer on Crete.

Interview: Adam Bien's Travels Through Java EE Development

Programming courses in an airport? Read a new interview by Tinu Awopetu with Adam Bien about his air hacks courses, which focus on Java EE development.


Video: Porting File Based Applications to the NetBeans Platform

Getting started with the powerful NetBeans Platform can be tricky. What does it provide and how can you quickly benefit from it? In this two YouTube screencasts, you'll see a real application being ported step by step to the NetBeans Platform.

JSF RichFaces Simple Login Example with NetBeans

In this tutorial, you learn how to develop a JSF RichFaces login form with NetBeans IDE.

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