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Developers can be an opinionated group! The NetBeans Poll is a quick glimpse at what NetBeans users and developers think about current technology trends, including topics within the NetBeans community. We welcome suggestions for future polls. Serious or light-hearted, topical or quirky, send us your poll ideas .

Plugin: Drupal for NetBeans IDE

NetBeans Drupal Development Tool is a module for the NetBeans IDE that helps in the development of Drupal module and theme development. It provides rapid access to all the core Drupal hooks and theme override functions.


New NetBeans Tools for HTML5

This page talks about the new HTML5 support, codenamed Project Easel, in the upcoming NetBeans 7.3 release!

Parleys and Devoxx on GlassFish

Parleys, which won the Duke's Choice award this year, runs on GlassFish as did the Devoxx CFP/registration 2012 website. Read Reza Rahman's report on this great news.

Use TomEE in NetBeans IDE

NetBeans IDE and TomEE works great together. You can add TomEE as an Apache Tomcat server in NetBeans IDE by following the simple steps given in this article.

New Hydraulic Modeling Software on NetBeans

Fudaa-Crue is a hydraulic modeling software specified and sponsored by the CNR (Compagnie National du Rhône), a company dedicated to energy production, navigation, and supplying irrigation and other uses for agriculture.


Video: EJBs? Still Interesting In Java EE 7

Watch Adam Bien's latest screencast on the combination of EJB 3.2 and CDI managed beans. Find out how they still provide the leanest possible choices in Java EE 7!

Rewritten Feed Reader Tutorial

Learn how to reuse the NetBeans IDE infrastructure to create a handy feed reader. Feedback on this tutorial is welcome!


Novi Sad NetBeans User Community

From Belgrade, the NetBeans User Group has grown... and now there's a branch in Novi Sad too!

Join NetBeans Group on Facebook

In addition to following NetBeans news via the newsletter, mailing lists, and Twitter, there's also a dedicated FaceBook page for NetBeans. Join in and share your NetBeans news there.


JavaFX Links of the Week, November 26

What are Gerrit, Tom, Hendrik, and the rest of the JavaFX community working on at the moment? What have they learned? Find out in this weekly update article!

Dark NetBeans

NetBeans IDE has had themes support for a long time. In this blog entry, you're shown how to make NetBeans IDE look exactly as you'd like.

Repurposing NetBeans Editors

Grab the rich set of features provides by the Java Editor, HTML Editor, or any other editor, and integrate them with a JEditorPane. This blog entry is one part of many covering the ins and outs of this mechanism.

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