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Have You Given Feedback About NetBeans IDE 7.2?

Are you getting the best coding experience when using NetBeans IDE 7.2 or NetBeans IDE 7.2.1? Are there features or enhancements the NetBeans team should consider in future releases? Tell us in this short survey. It should only take about 3-5 minutes to complete.

Plugin: JRebel for NetBeans IDE 7.2

The JRebel for NetBeans plugin has been released and is now available from the Plugin Manager (Tools | Plugins) in NetBeans IDE. The new version is 1.3.1 and includes JRebel Remoting.


Reflections on JavaOne 2012 by the NetBeans Community (Part 1)

Henry Arousell, Glenn Holmer, Johannes Weigend, Thomas Boqvist, Çağatay Çivici, and Timon Veenstra share their experiences at NetBeans Day and JavaOne 2012.

Reflections on JavaOne 2012 by the NetBeans Community (Part 2)

Thomas Kruse, Mark Stephens, Michael Nascimento, David Heffelfinger, and Michel Graciano reflect on NetBeans Day and JavaOne 2012.

Official NetBeans Course at University of Belgrade

The Department of Software Engineering at the Faculty of Organisational Sciences, at the University of Belgrade, officially introduced a new course entitled 'Open Source Software'. The students will learn about NetBeans IDE, the NetBeans Platform, and related open source projects, such as Neuroph and JMonkeyEngine.

Book Review: PHP Application Development with NetBeans

"NetBeans is like an iceberg. At the first glance it looks quite simple, but the deeper you are, the more layers you discover." Read on for more insights into NetBeans via this cool new book!


James Gosling and NetBeans

In his blog, James Gosling, the father of Java, mentions a list of tools he uses... including NetBeans IDE.

Hiding Tabs for Undocked TopComponents

From South Africa, Hermien Pellissier shares a small but very useful tip for developers who don't want to see the tab in an undocked TopComponent.

Hibernate & PostgreSQL in NetBeans IDE

Find out in this series of blog entries how to get started developing applications on NetBeans that make use of PostgreSQL and Hibernate.


Getting Started with the G1 Garbage Collector

This "Oracle By Example" covers the basics of Java Virtual Machine(JVM) G1 Garbage Collection (GC) in Java.

Garbage Collection Basics

In this "Oracle By Example", learn the basics of how garbage collection works in Java JVM. The OBE provides detailed walk-thrus along with a little hands on.

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