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NetBeans IDE 7.1.1 Released

image NetBeans IDE 7.1.1 has been released, with support for GlassFish 3.1.2, the latest Java ME SDK, and a lot of fixes throughout the IDE. Download it today!

Coming to NetBeans Java EE: JPA Code Completion

Coming soon to NetBeans IDE is code completion support for JPA queries. What other Java EE features would you like NetBeans to have? Your comments here are welcome.

Coming to NetBeans PHP: Improved Code Folding

The NetBeans PHP Team continually reports on upcoming features. As a PHP user, what other features would you like NetBeans to support? Your comments in the blog are welcome.


New NetBeans Book: Murach's Java Programming

"For this book, we recommend using NetBeans because we think it’s more intuitive and easier to use than Eclipse, especially for beginners." Read this interview with author Joel Murach about his new book and his favorite NetBeans features.

Bioinformatics Research on NetBeans

Many new projects have recently surfaced where Java and the NetBeans Platform are used in a variety of bioinformatics disciplines, such as in proteomic analysis, fluorescence miscroscopy, and metabolic analysis.

Java Module Systems, SwingWorker, Runnable, Thread and Class Loader Issues

People often have a hard time getting used to a Java module system's constraints on class loaders and dealing with compile time versus runtime dependencies. NetBeans Dream Team member Wade Chandler discusses this topics and your feedback is welcome.


Scratch That NetBeans Itch!

NetBeans user Matthias Bläsing reports on annoying problems he encountered with the NetBeans database support and how he fixed those problems to the benefit of the whole NetBeans community!

YouTube: 5 Minute NetBeans, Java EE, GlassFish

NetBeans Dream Team member and Java Champion Adam Bien shows how EJB 3.1, CDI, and JSF all fit together in 5 minutes!


NetBeans Plugin for Atlassian Bamboo

NetBeans Dream Team member Adam Myatt is writing a multi part blog about how he's created a NetBeans plugin for Atlassian Bamboo.

Parsing Command Line Parameters

Hermien Pellissier blogs on new annotations coming up in NetBeans for creating your own command line options.

Where to Find the NetBeans Cheat Sheet?

An old blog entry... but very useful if you're looking for the NetBeans cheat sheet!

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