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Looking Ahead to PHP Support in NetBeans 7.2

What to expect in PHP support for the next NetBeans release? Support for PHPUnit Skeleton Generator, Built-in web server; Doctrine 2; Continuous integration, and more. The NetBeans PHP team blog is the go-to destination for the latest on improvements to PHP support in the IDE. Subscribe to the team's feed or follow NetBeans on Twitter for updates.


Video: Unlocking the Java EE 6 Platform witih NetBeans 7.1

Watch how NetBeans IDE 7.1 provides the best tooling for Java EE 6 development as a Java Web application is built from scratch.

Create Translucent and Shaped Windows in NetBeans 7

image As of the Java SE 6 update 10 (6u10) release, you can add translucent and shaped windows to your Swing applications. This functionality is part of the public AWT package in JDK 7.


Java Music Video: Java People!

First came Java Rap, now Java Reggae! NetBeans and Java fan Zoran Sevarac shares his passion for Java through song and calls for a united community. We approve!

This could be a trend. What's next--Java Soul, Java Pop? Stay tuned....

Post Your NetBeans Fan Story on NetBeans Zone!

Ryan De Laplante keeps it short, visual and sweet in this article about why he's still a fan of the NetBeans IDE after five years.

What about you? Why not write a quick article, essay or poem (even a Haiku!) about your reasons for being a long-time NetBeans Fan? Submit it to NetBeans Zone.

Wanted: Java Code Brainteasers

Do you want some publishing cred? Submit your best Java code brainteasers to Java Magazine's "Fix It" column. The bimonthly publication is always accepting code puzzles. Get submission guidelines on the Java blog.


Java Death Debunked: 10 Reasons It's Still Hot (

The future continues to look bright for Java. Reason #8: The NetBeans IDE is the tooling of choice for the Java platform.

Agile MVC User Interface Design: Not Solely For The Web

Are you about to start designing and developing a user interface? Wade Chandler shares insights about saving time and resources by involving users in the preliminary steps of any UI project.


NetBeans 7.1 on JDK 1.7 Mac OS X Port Developer Preview

A quick tip on getting started with NetBeans 7.1 on the JDK7u4 Developer Preview for Mac OS X.

Spring Roo GWT with NetBeans 7.1 in 5 minutes

A quick tutorial on integrating Spring Roo with NetBeans.

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