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JavaFX 2.0 Beta Plugin for NetBeans IDE 7.0 Now Available for Download

image The much-anticipated JavaFX 2.0 release is now available in public beta —which means you can take advantage of all the new benefits that JavaFX 2.0 brings to the Java platform. This release is the latest development in Oracle’s long-term commitment to making JavaFX a premier rich client platform.

The JavaFX 2.0 Beta Plugin for NetBeans IDE 7.0 is available for download from Please help us make JavaFX successful by testing it at an early stage and report any issues you encounter. Check out detailed tutorials and API documentation.

NetBeans IDE 7.0 Patch 1 Now Available

The patch includes bug fixes in modules for PHP, C/C++, Editor, Maven, Debugger, JavaEE, Database, and Java Card. To obtain the fixes, the NetBeans IDE must be installed and running; an update notification will appear. (Click the alert-box to install the updates.) You can also download the fixes through the IDE's Plugin Manager.

NetBeans Plugin: NBScala 2.8.x

The Scala plugin is available for NetBeans IDE 7.0 and also works with Scala 2.8.x. New to Scala or curious about the language? Check out this recent Dzone article: Why Java Folks Should Look Forward to Scala.


Listen to NetBeans Podcast Episode 55

Feedback for NetBeans IDE 7.0; a look ahead at NetBeans 7.0.1. An interview with Alex Kotchnev, Software Architect and NetBeans Dream Teamer. API design tip with Jarda Tulach. Jirka Kovalsky introduces the new NetBeans Plugin Portal.

NetBeans Poll: Using NetBeans Plugins

How do you find plugins for the NetBeans IDE and how would you describe your overall experience using them? Tell us in the latest NetBeans Community Poll.

NetBeans IDE 7.0 Cookbook

A new book from Packt Publishing that offers over 70 highly focused practical recipes (solutions to real world problems) to help maximize your output with NetBeans IDE 7.0.

Coming in July: All-New, All-Digital, Free Java Magazine

There's a new, free magazine about Java technology launching in July. To be published bi-monthly in digital and mobile formats, Java Magazine will provide essential information about Java technology, the language, and Java-based applications. Sign up today to receive the first issue and stay informed on all things Java.


How to Contribute Samples to the NetBeans Wicket Plugin

Submitting sample applications to the NetBeans Wicket plugin is a simple process. Find out how and help to build a collection of sample applications demonstrating best practices for a wider audience.

Local and Remote PHP Debuging in NetBeans with Xdebug on Google Chrome

A short tutorial about PHP Debugging in the NetBeans IDE with Xdebug on Google Chrome.

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