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ICEfaces for NetBeans IDE 6.8 Plugin Available

ICEfaces recently released a new ICEfaces integration plugin for NetBeans IDE 6.8. The release includes:

  • Support for ICEfaces 1.8.2a in Java EE 5 or J2EE 1.4 projects (JSF 1.1 or JSF 1.2)
  • Support for ICEfaces 2.0 Alpha 2 in JavaEE 6 projects (JSF 2.0)

Learn more and get tutorials from the ICEfaces site.

LDAP Browser Plugin for NetBeans IDE

A tip from blogger Mathieu: Developer Allan Lykke Christensen has released an LDAP browser plugin for NetBeans IDE. The module provides a simple and quick interface for basic interaction with LDAP services. Learn more about the project here.


Localizing Your JavaFX Application

Follow the steps in this tutorial to import localization classes, add property files, and localize the text of a tooltip in a JavaFX application.


NetBeans for PHP: INI Files Support Available

The NetBeans PHP team has added support for INI files to the NetBeans IDE. As always, the team encourages users to give the feature a try and report feedback.

Is JavaFX Ready For The Enterprise?

Adam Bien poses and responds to 11 questions about the viability of JavaFX for enterprise level development.

NetBeans Mobility 6.9 for MAC OS X

NetBeans Mobility will be bundled with Java ME SDK 3.0 in NetBeans 6.9, and the IDE will officially support Mac OS X as a platform for Java ME developers. A development build (warning: not stable) of NetBeans Mobility 6.9 for Mac OS X is available for users to test.


Modular Thesaurus Analysis Software on the NetBeans Platform

Developer Kai Eckert discusses using the NetBeans Platform to build Semtinel, a research software that analyzes and visualizes thesauri.

10 New Code Templates for NetBeans Module Developers

A set of new code templates have been introduced into the NetBeans IDE 6.9 builds. The code templates are useful for those programming against NetBeans APIs, i.e., for creating NetBeans modules or for creating/extending NetBeans Platform applications.

How to Use EMF on the NetBeans Platform

EMF is a modeling framework and code generation facility for building tools and other applications based on a structured data model. This article gives an example of using the NetBeans Platform's Nodes API, Actions API, and Property Sheet API over a generated EMF model in a NetBeans Platform application.

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