NetBeans 6.8 and the NetBeans Platform Support

The NetBeans Platform is the foundation for the NetBeans IDE and many other applications around the world. Sun Microsystems SVP Jim Parkinson affirms why the platform matters to the NetBeans community, Sun customers and to Sun Microsystems.

NetBeans VOC - Taking the Pulse of the NetBeans Community

The NetBeans Voice of the Community (VOC) program identifies and manages the needs of the NetBeans Community. Learn more about how the program works and those involved.


Screencast: Lombok Meets NetBeans and Java EE

Lombok is a library that handles boilerplate code typical to Java applications, such as 'getters' and 'setters'; with Lombok, you don't need to create these yourself. Alexis Moussine-Pouchkine made a screencast that shows how Lombok works with NetBeans IDE and GlassFish.

Wicket, JPA, GlassFish and Java Derby or MySQL

Carol McDonald's Pet Catalog application is an example of a web application that employs Wicket, JPA, GlassFish and MySQL. See how she modifies a sample application (JSF 2.0, JPA, GlassFish and MySQL) to use Wicket instead of JSF.

How to Combine RESTful Web Services with EJB 3.1

In a very simple web application, Milan Kuchtiak demonstrates how RESTful web services can be combined with other Java EE technologies, specifically EJB 3.1.


Commercial Digital Video Technology on the NetBeans Platform

Miguel García López and his team had already developed a complex Swing application before. So when they evaluated the NetBeans Platform for their next project they preferred some of Platform's solutions over their own. Read on for another testimonial-story about the NetBeans Platform.


Writing Your First Boxee App with NetBeans

Applications targetting the Boxee media center software are written in Python. This blog shows you how to set up NetBeans to get started with Boxee development, and it contains many pointers to documentation and hosting options.

NetBeans Platform: Implementing a Perforce client

Aurelian Tutuianu is implementing a Perforce plugin for NetBeans. Learn how he hooked into the existing VersioningSystem SPI, implemented annotations in the IDE's UI, got his plugin listed in the NetBeans option panel, and reused the output window.

NetBeans Loves Mercurial -- With Screenshots

More and more developers switch to NetBeans IDE every day. Such as, Glen Smith who writes that the NetBeans IDE is his top choice for Grails development because “the Mercurial support is just fantastic (and built into the basic install!).”

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