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Download NetBeans IDE 6.8 Release Candidate 1!

image The NetBeans Team is pleased to announce that the first release candidate build of NetBeans IDE 6.8 is now available for download. Give the build a try and provide feedback by taking the NetCAT survey or joining discussions on the NetBeans mailing lists and forums. The final release of NetBeans IDE 6.8 is planned for December.

NetBeans IDE 6.8: Get Tomorrow Today!

Is NetBeans 6.8 Release Candidate Ready for FCS?

image Is NetBeans IDE 6.8 ready for FCS release? Download the latest Release Candidate build, take the NetBeans Community Acceptance Survey and tell us about your experience! The survey will be opened until December 9th.


Enhance Your JavaFX Application by Applying Transformations

This article discusses the basic transformations available in the JavaFX SDK. Learn how to rotate, scale, or translate objects in your application with the visual patterns and code samples provided.

REST Web Services on Google App Engine Using NetBeans 6.7

A tutorial from developer Armel Nene showing how to develop a REST based web services that works with the Google App Engine using NetBeans 6.7 and Jersey API.

Tech Tip: PHP Remote Debugging with NetBeans 6.8

A quick tip on remote debugging your PHP code with the NetBeans IDE 6.8.


Upcoming Java EE 5/6 Workshops with Adam Bien

Adam Bien will present workshops about Java EE and speak at various events, including a "Pragmatic Enterprise Architectures" workshop in Munich, a talk about Cloud Computing, and a Java EE 6 workshop in January. He will be at JUG sessions in February as well. Subscribe to Adam's blog for more details.


Enterprise Financial Management on the NetBeans Platform

Geertjan interviews NetBeans Platform developer Craig Marshall from Experian Ltd who provides tools and support for the financial sector. Read how he makes use of the NetBeans Visual Library API and the MemoryFileSystem, and why they are distributing their application via Java Web Start.


What's New in NetBeans 6.8 For Ruby Developers?

An overview of several new features and enhancements in NetBeans 6.8's Ruby support.

When Buttons Stop Working…It's NetBeans to the Rescue!

A blogger from made the switch to NetBeans after Eclipse stopped working with his Ubuntu 9.10 upgrade. He said: “Things seemed to go smoothly and it looks to have replaced Eclipse for PHP development duties.”

Redesigning an App With NetBeans

When blogger Quintin Beukes had to redesign an application from scratch he tackled the front-end using the NetBeans RCP Platform. He selected NetBeans for its Maven support and for "features that are far more complete and of much higher quality” than other IDEs.

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