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Unwanted Messages from NetBeans Weekly Mailing List

Last week, due to a technical glitch in our new publishing system several messages about subscription queries were sent to our newsletter subscribers. We apologize for this incident and are taking steps to make sure it does not occur again!

Use the New Site From Within the NetBeans IDE

As you know, the new website is now backed by the Kenai API. And since the NetBeans IDE supports the Kenai API, you can work with NetBeans IDE components using the NetBeans IDE itself. Simply add as a new Kenai instance and start exploring the project sources located on our server.

The NetBeans Podcast #51

Geertjan, Tinu, and others bring you up to speed with the latest happenings in NetBeans land, including the upcoming NetBeans 6.8 release, the migration of, a new Governance board and more.


Calling Java Programmers in/near Zurich!

Join us at this JUG Switzerland event where Toni Epple and Geertjan Wielenga talk about why the NetBeans Platform is the better Swing application framework! Most of the presentation will be in German, but questions can be answered in German and English. Register here now, and see you this Thursday, at 5pm, in the Technopark, Zurich.


Tech Tip: Create a Grails Project in NetBeans

Mr. Haki shows you quickly in his blog how to create and configure a NetBeans project for developing web applications with the Grails framework. Also check out his other blog entries about installing the Grails Plugin, creating Grails files, and running Grails commands in NetBeans.

Removing Trailing Spaces in PHP files

Last week, when Petr Pisl was at the IPC 2009 conference, a user asked whether the NetBeans IDE for PHP also removes trailing spaces. In his blog, Petr explains how you can get rid of these extra spaces in various situations, including in version controlled files.


Sybase Transact-SQL Browser on the NetBeans Platform

SQLBrowser is a commercial IDE for Sybase Transact-SQL, and built on the NetBeans Platform. Learn how SQLBrowser's developer Nicolas Gouteux ported his application to the NetBeans Platform.

Setting Up Primefaces in Netbeans IDE 6.x

This tutorial shows how to set up the Primefaces component suite for a JSF or Facelets project with Richfaces in Netbeans6.x. You also learn how to make a Hello World application using Primefaces in JSF. Primefaces is a light-weight open-source JSF component that contains more than seventy rich Ajax powered JSF components for web applications.


JavaFX How-To's

Speed up your JavaFX application development by getting code examples, tips, and links to help you accomplish the most common tasks.

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