JProfiler 6.0 Released, Supports NetBeans 6.8

image NetBeans Strategic Partner ej-technologies has announced the release of JProfiler 6.0. New features in JProfiler 6.0 include reworked thread profiling, a method statistics view, exceptional method run analysis, tree maps, auto-tuning as well as support for FreeBSD x86 and Linux PPC. JProfiler 6.0 supports NetBeans 6.8 including Glassfish v3 and Tomcat servers. A 10-day trial version is available.


Screencast: Maven and the NetBeans Platform

In this screencast, Fabrizio Giudici demonstrates how to use and customize forceTen components in your NetBeans Platform application using Maven.

Creating a Maven Swing Application Using Hibernate

This tutorial demonstrates how to create a Maven Swing application that uses Hibernate as the persistence layer.

Creating an Image Slideshow with JavaFX

Learn how to use JavaFX to create an Image Slideshow, complete with animated fade transitions. This step-by-step tutorial is accompanied by a video screencast showing how to program the application with the NetBeans IDE.

I/O Profiling for C/C++ Projects on Solaris Operating Systems

A guide to using the C/C++ I/O Usage tool in NetBeans IDE 6.8


Join the SDN Scavenger Hunt, Win James Gosling Tees

Find out about innovative Sun technologies and programs for a chance to win a limited edition t-shirt! Join the SDN Scavenger Hunt and learn about three great programs and technologies that Sun offers developers, then enter for a chance to win one of 200 limited edition t-shirts -- with graphics created by the Father of Java, James Gosling!

Java Warehouse Goes International

Sun is opening the Java Warehouse to developers in selected countries. Developers in these countries can submit applications for free distribution in the U.S. Visit the Java Warehouse to learn more.


15+ Creative Java Applications Based on the NetBeans Platform

The NetBeans project is not only about the IDE; it also features a popular platform. Developer Veera Sundar rounds up a list of creative applications built on the NetBeans Platform.

Latiz: System Modeling Environment Built on the NetBeans Platform

An interview with Latiz Technologies about Latiz, their systems modeling event driven simulation environment built on the NetBeans Platform.

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