NetBeans Governance Board Cycle 17 - Nominations Open!

It's time to elect new members for the 17th cycle of the NetBeans Governance Board! Participate in the process by nominating NetBeans community members that you think should be considered for the Board. You can even nominate yourself! Learn more about the nomination process.

The DEADLINE for nominations is Wednesday, September 30th, at midnight in the last time zone.

Project News

Java EE 5 Tools Bundle Update 7 with NetBeans IDE 6.7.1 Available

The Java EE 5 Tools Bundle has been updated with NetBeans IDE 6.7.1 and NetBeans Portal Pack 3.0.2. This bundle is available for download from Java EE download page.

JOnAS Server Plugin Available for NetBeans IDE

JOnbAS is the server plugin that allows JOnAS to be tightly integrated with the NetBeans IDE. It frees developers from time-consuming manual and repetitive tasks, such as deploying or undeploying an application at each iteration. Download it, use it and give creator Baptiste Mesta feedback.

NetBeans Platform Speaks Romanian!

NetBeans Platform developer and Dream Team member Emilian Bold has released a Romanian localization of the NetBeans Platform! This release makes it easy to create NetBeans Platform apps with Romanian localization, and also paves the way for the NetBeans IDE to be localized into Romanian! The build is currently available here.


Tech Tip: Speeding up NetBeans IDE on Windows

NetBeans Dream Team member Ryan de Laplante shares a tip on how to speed up NetBeans IDE: Exclude directories to which the IDE writes frequently from the virus scanner.

Checking Javascript Files with JSLINT in NetBeans

User Neil Hathaway gives quick steps for debugging Javascript files with JSLint in the NetBeans IDE.

Video: NetBeans 6.7.1 Spring 2.5 and Hibernate 3

This short video (no audio) gives an introduction to creating Java applications in the NetBeans IDE with Spring 2.5 and Hibernate 3.


Let NetBeans IDE 6.8 Generate JSF 2.0 Pages from Databases

Continuing the series of Java EE articles, Java EE team architect and lead engineer David Konecny introduces the rewritten JSF page generation wizard that will be part of the upcoming NetBeans IDE 6.8 release. After you select tables from a database, a wizard generates persistence entity classes, session enterprise beans, Java Server Faces page, and the required Java Server Faces managed beans to glue the visual layer to the data layer.

Brazilian State Financial Auditing App (Built on the NetBeans Platform)

Developer Paulo Canedo used the NetBeans Platform to create a financial management system for a Brazilian Government agency. In this interview, he discusses the application he built, and the benefits of using the NetBeans Platform.

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