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Get New Sample Projects Right in the IDE

You know that you can open sample projects from the New Project menu — but did you know that you can load even more samples, right into the IDE? The NetBeans documentation team has completely updated the online sample catalog: All samples are now hosted on Browse the list online, download zipped projects — or open them directly in the IDE using the NetBeans Kenai integration!

Java EE 6 and NetBeans IDE 6.8

Geertjan blogs shares the latest news about the Java EE 6 features in the upcoming NetBeans IDE 6.8. The main emphasis is on the 'Web Application' project type, since EJBs can now also be created within web applications. If you choose the JSF framework, you have the choice between Facelets (default) or JSP as page language. Learn more in Geertjan's blog.

What's New in JDK 7 with Danny Coward

In this Java Technology Video, Danny Coward, Chief Architect for Client Software at Sun Microsystems, highlights some of the new features in JDK 7. You will see demos and sample code -- and he also talks about why being a concert violinist with a local symphony is a great escape.


NetBeans Platform: Ready For Take-Off!

Geertjan Wielenga reports from Geneva, Switzerland, where he gave a NetBeans Platform Certified Training course: The development team of the Swiss air traffic control is planning to port several applications to the NetBeans Platform! Read all about the applications-to-be-ported and also the training course itself.

Developing 3-D Java Games With jME and NetBeans

This Community Docs tutorial shows how to set up the NetBeans IDE to start creating 3-dimensional Java games with the jMonkeyEngine framework (jME 2.0).


Tech Tip: Custom Code Folds

A quick tip how to eliminate unnecessary noise when working: You already know that you can fold code blocks in the NetBeans editor by clicking the little plus sign. But you can also define custom blocks that you want to collapse by using the Surround-With editor action.

NetBeans Platform Apps: Viewing PDF on Mobile Phones

Read how building on top of the NetBeans Platform helped a student complete an application as part of his university thesis: Jamorea Desktop is an open source application for previewing and managing PDF files, and for transfering them to mobile devices.


Free Webinar: Moving to (Sept. 16)

Tune in to the interactive OpenOffice webinar on September 16! The team demonstrates how easy it is to make a smooth and straightforward transition to using You also have the opportunity to ask questions -- Register now.


Free Class including GWT 1.7.0 and NetBeans 6.7.1

Sang Shin's team just updated their current Web 2.0 Programming class to work with the NetBeans IDE 6.7.1, the latest GWT 1.7.0, and the Dojo toolkit 1.3.2! The lab now also contains many GWT-based NetBeans projects that are ready to open and build. The new content is part of the "Free 18 week Ajax and Web 2.0 Programming (with Passion!)" online course -- you can still join!

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