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Customize Your Kenai.Com Project Home Page has a few new features for project management, check them out! You can set up a custom website for each project, you can customize the message that is sent to new members, you can connect your project to Google Analytics, and you can customize your project's start page by replacing it with your wiki home page. Join today!

Issue Recognition in the Kenai Chat Window

Stay in touch with fellow team members using the NetBeans chat integration. Since every chat room is associated with a Kenai project, and most Kenai projects have an issue tracker, you can now even navigate to an issue from the chat window, and send issue references! This will be a new feature in NetBeans IDE 6.8, read more in Petr's blog.


Intro to Web Services with NetBeans

This blog gives you a basic introduction to web services and SOAP. The idea behind the SOAP protocol is to use a programming language which all systems involved can understand to exchange messages.

Integrate JIRA With Netbeans in Three Steps

You already know the BugZilla integration in the NetBeans IDE. Of course the same also works with JIRA: This blog describes the three quick steps how to get started. Install the JIRA NetBeans plugin, create an issue tracker instance in the IDE, and set it up to use your JIRA server.


Dream Team Member, Java Champion, Java Rockstar

Java Champion Adam Bien is a software architect and developer in the enterprise Java sector who implements Java technology on a large scale. He is also a lecturer and author of several Java books. At the 2009 JavaOne conference, he has now joined the ranks of the Java Rock Stars, congratulations! In this interview he also talks about RIAs, open-source, and why Clouds are just perfect for start-ups.

JavaFX Blog Contest Winners

The results of the JavaFX Blog Contest have just been announced. Congratulations to the 10 winners! Read their winning blog entries to learn about Coding an image gallery in JavaFX, learning JavaFX, Programming games in JavaFX and much more. In related news, you can read an interview with Sten Anderson - the JavaFX coding contest winner, and also see what the student winner of the contest has to say.

Breaking Language Barriers with the Netbeans 6.7 IDE

In this edition of , Hal Stern and John Jullion-Ceccarell discuss the latest release of NetBeans and how it's connecting developers like no other IDE. Listen as they talk about loading features on demand, how NetBeans is enabling the role of release engineering, Hudson integration, Agile development methodology vs. waterfall methodology, and how NetBeans is addressing their discrepancies.


Combine JAR Files Into a Single JAR File with NetBeans

Your Java application is ready? Time to distribute it on the Java Store! All you need to do is to package your classes and other libraries into a single JAR file. This is very easy to do for both Java and JavaFX projects using NetBeans IDE 6.7.1--learn how in this article.

How to Migrate a Toolbar to the NetBeans Platform

Many users have legacy swing applications, and want to migrate parts of them to a new NetBeans Platform application. Geertjan explains how to add an existing toolbar to the NetBeans Platform application's toolbar. There is also a part 2.

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