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Master NetBeans IDE Shortcuts with the NetBeans 6.7 RefCard!

image Updated for NetBeans IDE 6.7, the NetBeans IDE Refcard provides a thorough overview of how to efficiently handle Java code in the editor, including viewing, navigation, source handling, and refactoring. It also offers all the essential keyboard shortcuts you need to work with the IDE, right at your fingertips. Speed up your coding with keyboard shortcuts or learn a new shortcut everyday!

Take the NetBeans Community Docs User Survey

The NetBeans Community Docs program is a great source of community-authored content about using the NetBeans IDE. Now the team behind the program wants your feedback to help make the program even better. What type of content do you like? Do you want more tech tips or prefer multimedia material? Take the survey and let the team know!

Help the NetBeans Python Support Project

Are you skilled and interested in NetBeans APIs module and platform development as well as in Python? Then consider contributing to the NetBeans Python Support project. This blog entry outlines areas where help is needed.


Screencast: Visual Step Into Action in NetBeans Debugger

image Speed up your debugging process with a new version of Step Into Action using the visual method call selector in the NetBeans debugger.

Exploring Macros in C/C++ Projects

A short guide to macro features in NetBeans IDE 6.7. Learn how to use the IDE's new features to investigate and debug code that includes macros.

NetBeans Project Type Module Tutorial

This new NetBeans Platform tutorial introduces project types and demonstrates how to create new ones.


What's New in NetBeans 6.7 Platform

The NetBeans Platform is the Swing framework that underpins applications such as the NetBeans IDE, as well as many others. This article covers new features and changes that have been implemented for version 6.7.

Trip Report: NetBeans IDE 6.7 at FISL Brazil

Geertjan Wielenga was at the recent FISL Conference to introduce NetBeans 6.7 to developers in Brazil. Read about his experience teaching developers how the NetBeans IDE raises the bar for what an IDE can do, as well as his take on the conference's top sessions.


Add Maven Dependency in NetBeans 6.7

Hubert Ikkink's blog entry highlights the improved Maven support in NetBeans 6.7, showing how to search for dependencies in the repositories, add an open project, and use the dependency management features of Maven.

Creating a Jasper Report Without a Data Source

A blog entry about using NetBeans 6.7 and iReport 3.5.2 to generate Jasper Reports in Java applications without using a data source. It also covers how to insert images from a file system into Jasper Reports at runtime.

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