NetBeans 6.7 Platform and Java SE Modules in 16 Languages

Did you notice that the NetBeans translatedfiles community has released a partial localization of NetBeans 6.7 in 16 languages? The localization teams focused on the platform and the Java SE modules first and now proceed with translating the remaining modules. If you want to contribute, come and join our community today!


How One NetBeans Platform Student Helped Another

NetBeans Platform student Ingmar from Amsterdam recently told us, that because of the NetBeans Platform, he had more time to create a more ambitious graduation project. And guess what? One of the plugins that he used was written by another NetBeans Platform student, Piotr from Warsaw. It's a small world!

Boeing Shows NetBeans-Based RCP Applications

The NetBeans Platform is one of the best ways to get a solid RCP application up and running, and this hasn't gone unnoticed by a number of large, medium and small companies--Boeing is just one of them. Curious what approach a company like Boeing recommends? Then follow the link to the presentation "Creating Better Applications at Boeing with the NetBeans Platform Application Framework".


Blog Review: NetBeans 6.7 Finally Released

Community member Peter likes the decreased memory consumption and how he now can import plugins from a previous installation. He also appreciates that the project explorer can be set to automatically highlight the file currently being edited ("Synchronize Editor With Views"). What was your first impression of the new 6.7 release?

Sharing an XSD with Multiple Webservices

See how a fellow NetBeans user makes different tools (such as Maven) and Java frameworks (such as JAXB 2.0 and JAX-WS) work together, as he pulls out all the stops and uses Netbeans IDE 6.7.

Adding Maven Dependencies in NetBeans 6.7

In NetBeans 6.7, we can search for dependencies in Maven repositories, add an opened project, or use the dependency management features of Maven. Read more in Mr. Haki's blog about how to make the most of small but important new features that make it easier for us to add a new dependency to a Maven project.


Screencast: Deadlock Detection with the NetBeans Debugger

image The difficulty when fixing deadlocked threads is that the problematic situation can be hard to reproduce. In this short screencast, Roman Ondruska demonstrates how the NetBeans debugger helps you with detecting deadlocks.

Creating Apache Axis2 Web Services With NetBeans

A detailed guide to creating and deploying an Axis2 web service from a Java class in the NetBeans IDE. The tutorial also covers how to set up the bundled Tomcat and GlassFish servers and how to configure the NetBeans IDE to deploy Axis web services.


Easy Integration of StrikeIron Web Services Into NetBeans Web Applications

Validating addresses and phone numbers, calculating sales tax... Thanks to the web services integration in the NetBeans IDE's Services window, it's easy to use StrikeIron Web services in Java-based Web applications. This blog also shows how to add new StrikeIron Web services to the NetBeans IDE 6.x.

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