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NetBeans IDE 6.7 RC3 Released is proud to announce the availability of NetBeans IDE 6.7 Release Candidate 3. The focus of NetBeans 6.7 is connectivity--helping developers to connect to each other and to the latest technologies. Learn more about the latest release, download NetBeans 6.7 Release Candidate 3, and tell us what you think!


Real World Java EE Patterns - Rethinking Best Practices

Get the real world knowledge and code you need to develop lean but still maintainable Java EE 5 / 6 applications. Adam Bien's latest book "Real World Java EE Patterns - Rethinking Best Practices" guides you to efficient patterns and best practices in a structured way, with real world code. All samples work with Glassfish v2-v3 and Netbeans 6.5+ (but are not dependent on it). Bookmark this page: Adam will make all sample projects available from his javaee-patterns Kenai project.


Blog Your Heart Out, Win $300

JavaOne 2009 may be over, but the learning doesn't have to be! Share with your fellow community members what you learned from the technical sessions you attended while at JavaOne 2009, or from the PDF presentations hosted at JavaOne Online. By blogging about these sessions you enter for a chance to win one of ten USD $300 American Express Gift Cards or Cheques!

Video: Kenai + NetBeans = Social Networking for Developers

How can developers gain visibility, collaborate, and connect on projects over the Internet? At the JavaOne conference in San Francisco, Robert Brewin and John Brock demonstrated the new project hosting site.


How Groovy Helps JavaFX: Farewell Pure Java Code?

During JavaOne 2009, Dierk K├Ânig showed a number of powerful ways in which Groovy and JavaFX can interact. Check out how he simplified the JavaFX Weather sample project that is bundled with NetBeans! Dierk's approach is really quite impressive and earned him a round of applause from the audience.

Scala and Java Together

Scala runs on the JVM and it can be combined pretty readily with Java, especially with the new Maven and Scala plugins for the NetBeans IDE. This article shows how to call Scala code from Java code, and also Java from Scala code. You will also learn how to run JUnit4 to test the Scala application with tests written in Java or Scala.


Tech Tip: Switch Between Class and Test in NetBeans

In this tech tip you learn how to navigate from a Java class in a NetBeans project to the corresponding JUnit test class, and back. You can use the context menu or a handy keyboard shortcut to switch from on to the other.

Controlling Logging of NetBeans Hibernate Module

Here's a tip for people in need of Hibernate logging: Since Hibernate uses java.util.logging you can overwrite the existing NetBeans/Hibernate logging configuration using the java.util.logging.config system property. The blog contains a link to a sample config file.

Tech Tip: Managing NetBeans Platforms

If you have written a plugin targetting the NetBeans Platform 6.0, but you want to modify the plugin's code using the NetBeans IDE 6.7--How do you make certain that the plugin is compiled for the Netbeans Platform 6.0? In his blog, Varun talks about how to set up the NetBeans IDE to work with versions of the NetBeans Platform other than the default.

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