Become an Expert on Web and Enterprise Apps

When creating a web or enterprise application you need skills in a wide range of technologies: The JavaOne 2009 conference, June 2-5 in San Francisco is the perfect place to learn from the experts how these technologies connect to one smooth end-to-end solution. Here we show you a few of the sessions that may be of interest to web app developers like you.

Make the Most of Your Mobile Apps

A Java application is still the best way to reach millions of mobile and embedded consumer devices. Join us at JavaOne 2009, June 2-5, when we will work with five developers to get their mobile application published commercially! If you are a mobile developer you will find many sessions on how to make the most of the NetBeans IDE for Java ME and JavaFX in the session catalogue.

New and Cool Java Desktop and Swing Apps

JavaOne 2009 in San Francisco, June 2-5, has a lot to offer to Java desktop developers. Learn form the experts how building on top of the NetBeans platform saves you time—and nerves! Many JavaOne speakers recommend the NetBeans IDE as ideal tool for creating, designing, and optimizing your Java Swing applications. Check out these must-see sessions from the session catalog.


Developing Database Applications Using MySQL Connector/C++

This tutorial will show you the essential steps to build and install the new MySQL Connector/C++ driver, with simple examples to connect, insert, and retrieve data from a MySQL database. Application developers who are relatively new to MySQL Connector/C++ but not to C++ programming and MySQL database, are the target audience of this tutorial.

Tapestry 5, NetBeans 6.7, Maven, and Jetty: Really!

NetBeans Dream Team member Alex Kotchnev shows you in his blog how he set up Tapestry 5 live class and template reloading with NetBeans in a few easy steps. Apache Tapestry is an open-source web application framework that Alex uses together with the Jetty web server. Read more in his blog!


NetBeans Connects Developers at CommunityOne 2009

CommunityOne 2009 in San Francisco is your unique chance to learn about the latest web 2.0 technologies—for free! If you want to deep-dive into a topic, you can sign up for additional half- and full-day workshops. Have a look at the session catalogue, there is lots of cool stuff for NetBeans users!


Passing Binary Data Via a Web Service

In this advanced multi-part tutorial, you learn how to makes binary data (such as images) available via a web service. You also create a Java application that connects to the web service to display the images in an album created from Swing components.

NetBeans JavaScript Debugger User's Guide

The NetBeans JavaScript debugger provides you with a set of tools that aid in the process of inspecting, monitoring and editing JavaScript code. You can use the debugger to identify errors, or step through execution and explore the state of your application at any given moment.

NetBeans Wizard Module Tutorial

In NetBeans Platform applications, many different kinds of wizards can be created. This tutorial shows how you create a general wizard that appears when you click a button in the toolbar.

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