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Join Sun's Developer Cloud: Project Kenai

Did you know there are over 6,000 developers collaborating on 450 open-source projects hosted on Users of the NetBeans 6.7 Beta already benefit from the IDE's unique Kenai integration, including access to source code management (Subversion, Mercurial, and Git), issue tracking (Jira and Bugzilla), team wikis and forums, download hosting--and there is even more to come! Join us on and start your project today.

Sneak Preview: Java Card tools for NetBeans 6.7

Ever looked at an ATM card or mobile SIM card and thought, I could run a Java Applet on that? The Java Card is a tiny, secure Java Platform intended for chip cards and other small embedded devices. Tim Boudreau and the Java Card team now created a Java Card plugin for NetBeans IDE 6.7. It's not released yet, but Tim's got some screen shots in his blog to whet your appetite. Learn more in our special session on Step-by-Step Development of an Application for the Java Card™ 3.0 Platform at JavaOne 2009!


No Fear - Taking the Complexity out of Java EE

Blogger Brian Silberbauer discusses how when he’s teaching a course on Java EE, he begins with NetBeans. He notes, “This is a great help to the students as it gives them the overview of what we will be working with and shows them how quick and easy it is to create a JEE application in NetBeans - It takes the complexity fear out of them (to a certain extent).” :-)

Converting Legacy Rails Apps to Grails

Alex Kotchnev has completed his extensive series of tutorials on how to migrate a legacy Rails application to Grails using the NetBeans IDE. After General Project Setup, and Migrating the Domain Objects, he now shows us how to Migrate the Controllers. Next week we will have a look at how to Migrate the Views.

Refactor the World!

The NetBeans Refactoring Roundtrip demonstrates all the available refactorings from the NetBeans IDE. The screencast starts with a well-known "Hello World!" application, but it rapidly expands to a real OO application using different refactorings.


Why Are PHP Developers Switching to NetBeans?

In his review of the PHP support in NetBeans, Charles Ditzel gives thumbs up to all the key features such as syntax highlighting, PHPunit support, code coverage, parameter hints, and the PHP debugger integration. "NetBeans" he adds, "fared especially well in a comparison with other PHP IDEs when it came to code editing and code completion." Check out the tutorials he recommends and get started with PHP!

Debugging Grails in NetBeans 6.7 Beta

Dean at Grails Blog thinks that NetBeans IDE 6.7 Beta is a great release for the Grails community. He is impressed that “NetBeans' support of Grails functionality is nearly on par with that of IntelliJ 8.1.” In his blog he points out a nifty feature: Did you know you can attach the NetBeans debugger to a Grails application?

My First NetBeans Plugin: UnicodeConverter

Mina Shokry published his first NetBeans plugin: It allows you to convert Strings containing non-ASCII characters to Unicode format and back. Using unicode strings in Java applications solves common problems of character encoding, and this plugin makes it very easy for you to convert strings on the fly. Download the plugin from the blog entry's attachment section and try it today!

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